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Watch Coronation Street on TV ONE and TVNZ OnDemand

Watch Coronation Street on TV ONE and TVNZ OnDemand

Watch Coronation Street on TV ONE and TVNZ OnDemand

If you missed an episode over the last week, never fear! Here's a recap of what has happened on Coronation Street. You can also watch full episodes onTVNZ OnDemand.



Friday 22 May

Tina makes the hardest decision of her life. Jake has grown stronger and can be held for the first time today but when an excited Gary and Izzy arrive at the hospital they’re confused to find Tina cradling the baby. Tina knows she’s crossed the line but overwhelmed with love for the child she carried for 8 months can a guilt-ridden Tina bring herself to give him up?

Eileen's exhaustion causes problems. When a grumpy Eileen falls asleep at work she’s forced to admit she’s in a mess, she can’t sleep for worrying about Paul’s job. Deirdre suggests she speak to the doctor but when she’s prescribed sleeping pills Eileen knows it’s a short term fix to a long term problem. What is she going to do?

Dev's crusade gathers momentum. Dev starts to question if Sunita was even capable of starting the Rovers fire seen as she was supposed to already be so drunk at the Bistro Karl’s agitated. He knows Dev’s theories are spiralling out of control but what can he do to silence him?

Elsewhere an emotional Maria admits to Marcus that she can’t stop thinking about him saying he’s still gay. Marcus insists that it shouldn’t matter as it’s her he loves but can Maria deal with his admission? Tracy gets a job cold calling as she and Rob try to prove they’re bouncing back


Saturday 23 May

Karl has murder in mind. As Karl stands behind Dev, sick at the thought of what he’s about to do, he implores Dev to stop raking over the past as it will only result in more pain. Desperate, he begs Dev to think of the effect on Aadi and Asha. Will Dev back down or will Karl feel forced to strike?

Tina begins to question whether she's done right. In the pub Tommy has a tough time defending Tina’s actions. Arriving by his side, Tina’s desperate to offer Izzy and Gary an olive branch and insists they can see ‘Joe’ when he’s out of hospital. Reeling from the name change and token gesture a row threatens.

David wonders what Kylie is up to. When David catches Kylie stuffing some paperwork in her bag (it’s the cottage booking), then she denies having seen Nick earlier David’s suspicions are inflamed.

Elsewhere Eileen seeks professional help as she vows to keep her promises to Paul.