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Last week on Coronation Street

If you missed an episode over the last week, never fear! Here's a recap of what has happened on Coronation Street. You can also watch full episodes on TVNZ OnDemand.



Friday 28 August:

David tries to convince Nick that his memory is playing tricks but Nick's steely.

Phelan threatens to call the police if his motorbike is not returned. Knowing of his dodgy financial affairs, Owen calls his bluff.

Gail orders Kylie to keep her mouth shut about Nick, as David will disown them if he finds out about their months of deceit. Kylie is in turmoil.

Phelan's forced to recognise that Owen's backed him into a corner and he must pay up.

David's shocked when Nick accuses him of trying to kill him. David begs him to believe it was an accident but Nick's few words convey his utter fury. Leanne returns and senses the atmosphere between the brothers.

After trying to haggle, Phelan eventually hands over the cash to Owen.

Julie takes Brian for a meal at the Bistro and broaches the subject of fostering instead of adoption. Brian's taken aback.

Gary and Owen return the bike to Phelan and congratulate each other on a job well done.

Michelle's startled when Barry makes suggestive remarks to Tina. Sure that he's hiding something, Michelle decides to phone her mum.

Anna chastises Owen and Gary for the reckless way in which they went about dealing with Phelan. Outwardly sheepish, Owen and Gary quietly agree they would resort to similar tactics again if necessary.

Julie talks Brian round until he agrees to look into fostering.

Michelle speaks to her mum and gleans that she and Barry decided they need some time apart. Michelle's worried.

When Leanne finally leaves them alone, David asks Nick what he intends to do. But Nick doesn't know. David's petrified – his whole life is in limbo.


Saturday 29 August:

Kylie remains sceptical as David continues to claim he's agreed to help Tina and Tommy redecorate their flat. Kylie's sure there’s more to it. David's weary.

Hayley tests Roy on his driving theory ahead of his test.

Michelle gets a sense that Steve is up to something. He denies it but excitedly confides in Barry that he is the Rovers' mystery buyer. Barry's not sure Michelle will be as thrilled as Steve predicts. Steve's deflated.

David's twitchy in the salon as he waits for the courier to deliver the DNA results.

Stella hands over the pub keys to Steve and she, Gloria and Eva move into No.13.

Leanne's elated to hear that Nick's made sufficient progress to be allowed home next week. Nick's subdued.

Roy passes his theory test. Jane and Jeff call at the café for a visit. Hayley's delighted to see them. Roy's polite but clearly finds them hard work.

When Kylie makes insinuations about her and David, Tommy wonders why Tina puts up with it. Tina shrugs that David's a friend. Tommy thinks David needs to find another friend.

Tyrone and Fiz book a hotel in Blackpool on Roy's behalf. Roy's grateful.

Steve moves some belongings into the pub and waits for Michelle to arrive for her shift so he can spring the big surprise.

Hayley and Jane continue to get on famously.

Kylie's convinced herself that Tina and David are cheating, and that Tommy's being played for a fool. Eva thinks she's jumping to conclusions.

A courier finally arrives at the salon with a letter for David. Audrey's curious when David refuses to open it and begs her not to tell anyone about it.

Michelle's absolutely furious to find Steve behind the Rovers bar as the new landlord.

David calls on Tina with the letter containing the results. Tina's on tenterhooks as David carefully starts to open the envelope…