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If you missed an episode over the last week, never fear! Here's a recap of what has happened on Coronation Street. You can also watch full episodes on TVNZ Ondemand.


Friday 26 September:


TYRONE ADMITS HE CAN’T TRUST KIRSTY. Tyrone takes Ruby to see Dr Carter, convinced that Kirsty may have hurt her during her rampage. There’s no signs of damage and Tyrone bluffs an excuse for his concerns, claiming Ruby’s pram collapsed with her in it. Later, feeling guilty about lying, Tyrone tells Fiz what really happened. Tyrone then tells her that she’s beaten him in the past and Fiz is stunned. Fiz tells him that he and Ruby can stay at No.5 whenever they like. When Tyrone returns home he phones Kirsty’s counsellor for advice. But when he does he doesn’t like what he hears, and he’s faced again with more of Kirsty’s lies.

KEN IS THROWN OFF KILTER.  Mrs Papadopolous is none other than Wendy Crozier. When Brian finds out about Ken and Wendy’s past, he is intrigued to find out more. Ken feels uncomfortable and wishes he’s never agreed to any of this. When the votes are in, Brian declares Ken the winner. Wendy congratulates him suggesting that judging by his speech, he’s clearly not lost any of his passion.  Ken wonders if he should stand down, however Brain reckons they’re both adults and the affair was twenty years ago. Ken’s anxious however. Brian has no idea what the name Wendy Crozier can do to Deirdre.

LLOYD CONCOCTS A PLAN TO WIN JENNA ROUND. Lloyd tries to talk Jenna round as she asserts that she wants nothing to do with him. She tells him to leave, or she’ll call security. Later, Lloyd turns to Eileen for advice and decides to make an appointment at Jenna’s clinic, so he can be alone with Jenna

Elsewhere... Michelle suggests that Ryan starts paying rent to stop him spending his money on Tracy. Stella soon finds herself bartering for Norris’ custom.


Saturday 27 September: 


KIRSTY DROPS A BOMBSHELL ON TYRONE. A bruised Tyrone tells Kirsty he wants nothing to do with her as he leaves the house with Ruby. Later, Fiz tells him he needs to take charge for Ruby’s sake if nothing else. He returns to No.9 and tells Kirsty they can’t carry on living together. He wants her out and he’ll be keeping Ruby, although she can see her as much as she likes. Kirsty begs Tyrone to reconsider but he insists he has to put himself and his baby first. Kirsty then turns nasty and she bites back, producing a document that means she’s the one calling the shots, and leaves him reeling.

MARCUS IS HORRIFIED BY MARIA’S NEWS. David notices that Maria seems distracted whilst at work and he reckons she’s doing the dirty behind Jason’s back. Later, Jason’s concerned when he suggests to Maria that he should start moving his things in, but Maria snaps at him. Marcus takes the brave step to tackle Maria about what’s up. And he can’t believe what she tells him and how she’s managed to keep it to herself

LLOYD IS TORN BETWEEN MANDY AND JENNA. Jenna and Lloyd meet at his flat. When Mandy turns up unexpectedly it becomes clear Jenna wants nothing to do with her mother. Lloyd’s concerned but agrees to her hiding in the bedroom while he tells Mandy that he hasn’t seen his daughter. This goes well until Mandy clocks Jenna’s coat on the sofa.

Elsewhere... when Mary wins a lavish holiday for two Norris is determined to be invited as her guest. David’s embarrassed when he can’t afford to buy Max new footie boots and Paul plans a surprise party for Eileen, but does Eileen want any fuss?


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