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Last week on Coronation Street

If you missed an episode over the last week, never fear! Here's a recap of what has happened on Coronation Street. You can also watch full episodes on TVNZ Ondemand.


Friday 12 December:


HOSPITALISED TYRONE NEEDS FIZ’S SUPPORT. Kirsty’s contrite as she realises the extent of Tyrone’s injuries and wonders if he really wants to marry someone like her. Tyrone assures Kirsty he loves her and persuades her they should still get married. Will Kirsty agree? Meanwhile, Fiz persuades him to let her take him to hospital. As Tyrone lies to the doctor, telling him he got his injuries at work, he admits to Fiz that he doesn’t know how he’s going to make it through to the wedding. United, Fiz urges him to evidence the violence and promises he's no longer in it alone.

EVA MAKES SURE THERE’S NO ROOM AT THE INN FOR NICK. Unhappy Nick sees the ice skating photos from Simon, featuring a cosy Leanne and Peter. When he mentions he's going to Simon’s nativity, Eva hatches a cunning plan. A busy lunch booking suddenly appears and Nick realises he’ll have to miss the play. As Peter, Leanne and Simon set off for the nativity, Nick watches the happy family scene jealously. But when the table fails to show up at the bistro, Nick realises it was a hoax. Suspecting Peter’s behind it, he races off to the play to deliver an unexpected finale.

SOPHIE PUSHES HERSELF TOO HARD. Sophie exercises too vigorously and falls, hurting her back. She tries to reach Jenna in a panic. A worried Lloyd and Jenna take Sophie to the hospital to check she's ok.

Elsewhere... Kirk buys a load of Freshco turkeys so as not to let his customers down. Craig points out he’s now even further out of pocket and will never be able to buy Beth the Christmas present she wanted. Kirk's gobsmacked as a delighted Beth greets him proudly wearing the necklace she thinks he's bought her - but how did it happen if it wasn't from Kirk? When Rob cooks the books to obtain a ridiculously low valuation of the factory, hoping he can then afford to buy it at a knock-down price, Michelle realises he intends to rip Carla off. Michelle threatens to phone Carla but when Rob points out he could end up back in prison, Michelle’s torn.



Saturday 13 December:


PETER PULLS AT LEANNE’S HEARTSTRINGS. As Peter suggests they give their relationship another go, will Leanne fall back into his arms?

ARE KYLIE AND DAVID FINISHED? Kylie decides to fight for her marriage but when she finds David with Tina, she assumes the worst. Can David convince Kylie that she’s the one he wants?

FIZ AND TYRONE SHARE A ROMANTIC EARLY CHRISTMAS. Tyrone and Fiz exchange Christmas presents but can he return home to Kirsty and keep his lies hidden?

Elsewhere... Sophie’s unable to deny her feelings for Jenna. Will Sean allow Marcus to be part of Dylan’s life? Carla returns to the street but why is she back?



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