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Friday 24 October:


TINA AND TOMMY FACE A TOUGH DECISION. At the clinic, Izzy tries to call a missing Tina but gives up when the doctor announces they’ve missed their slot. The embryos will still be viable for another 24 hours so it’s imperative that their surrogate attends tomorrow. Tommy, meanwhile, has stopped the car and explains to Tina how he just can’t cope with the idea of the surrogacy and if she goes ahead with it he’ll leave her. As Tina takes this in, a devastated Gary and Izzy tell Anna and Owen about Tina’s no show. But when Tina arrives at the house apologizing for letting them down earlier will their spirits be lifted or dashed? Will Tina go through with her surrogacy plans despite Tommy’s ultimatum?

SOPHIE MAKES HER PEACE WITH RYAN. At Sophie’s request Ryan visits her in hospital. Sophie tells him that she’s lied to the police to protect him but makes Ryan swear he’ll give up drugs forever. Struggling with guilt, Ryan’s emotional as he explains how desperately sorry he is. But will Sally and Kevin be as forgiving as Sophie?

KEN SEEKS SANCTUARY WITH WENDY. After the governors meeting Wendy suggests they go back to hers for supper. He considers this before making his excuses to Deirdre. Wendy’s keen to prove that she’s a good listener and encourages Ken to off load his woes. But when a tipsy Ken falls asleep in his chair Wendy doesn’t wake him. As she watches him have Wendy’s feelings for Ken been rekindled?

Elsewhere... Nick steps in to mend Mary’s friendship with Roy. Gloria insists on taking Lewis out to dinner. Lewis feels obliged but will he lie to Audrey again?


Saturday 25 October:


LEWIS SETS GLORIA UP FOR A FALL. As Audrey cries over Lewis, he points out to Gloria how she’s ruined his relationship. Meanwhile, there’s cause for celebration at the Rovers when Gloria hears they’ve won Lancashire Leisure Magazine’s pub of the year and the editor will be calling later to present the plaque. But when Lewis hears from Norris and Mary how Gloria cheated by writing her own customer comment cards, he puts in a sneaky call to the Gazette. When the editor arrives at the pub so does a reporter from the Gazette. Lewis suggests the editor reads some of the comment cards. Has Lewis opened up a can of worms that’ll leave Gloria and Stella squirming?

DEIRDRE CONFRONTS WENDY. Ken’s disheartened when Brian tells him there’s going to be a full investigation after Wendy’s allegation. Despite Tracy’s jibes it’s clear that Deirdre is starting to believe Ken’s version of events. Egged on by Rita, Deirdre decides to confront Wendy head on about her accusation. Will she be able to persuade Wendy to admit she lied about Ken?

AIDEN’S GOOD NEWS ALARMS MARIA. Maria is disgruntled when she witnesses Aiden and Marcus share a loved-up breakfast. Later, Aiden tells Maria he’s been offered a job promotion and he’s moving to London. When he asks Maria whether she thinks Marcus would be prepared to move with him how will she respond?

Elsewhere... Sally accuses Jenna of working Sophie too hard but she’s responding well. Meanwhile how will Jenna react when she spots Lloyd and Mandy kissing? Steve sends flowers to Michelle in Ireland hoping to prompt her into contacting him.



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