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Last week on Coronation Street

If you missed an episode over the last week, never fear! Here's a recap of what has happened on Coronation Street. You can also watch full episodes on TVNZ OnDemand.



Friday 25 September:

Roy remains awkward with Anna. She assures him she will never breathe a word about Hayley's suicide plans.

Eileen and Jason remain frosty towards Todd, unimpressed by his lies. When Todd suggests he should return to London, Eileen remains stony-faced.

Roy's attempts at wallpapering prove hopeless, and when Owen and Gary offer to do it for him he's forced to accept their offer.

Faye begs Owen to let her go to a concert with Grace and Grace's cousin but Owen refuses on the grounds it's a school night. Faye sulks.

When Amy tells Steve they're doing a project on the War at school, Steve enthusiastically offers to help her.

As Roy watches Owen redecorate the bedroom, they're interrupted by the arrival of Hayley. Roy's taken aback, pointing out she wasn't due home until Friday.

Todd talks to Sean about his time in London, feeding him a pack of lies and making out what a hard time he had. Sean's completely taken in.

Roy and Hayley go for a drink in the Rovers but they're uncomfortable with each other, unable to broach the subject of suicide. Hayley tells Roy she'd like to visit Jane in the hospice but Roy's reluctant and suggests they leave it a few days.

Michelle arrives home from Ireland. She tries to talk to Steve about her parents' troubled relationship but it's clear he's more interested in Amy's school project.

Sean does his best to put forward Todd's side of the story. But Eileen's sceptical and reckons Sean's a soft touch.

When Faye begs Anna to let her go to the concert with Grace, Anna caves in and Faye's overjoyed. Owen's unimpressed to hear that Anna undermined his decision and worried at the thought of Faye spending an evening in town with Grace.

As Roy and Hayley snuggle down for the night, Hayley tentatively suggests to Roy they need to talk about her plans. Roy's quietly terrified.

Todd arrives in the pub with his bag packed. Under pressure from Sean, Eileen backs down and tells him he's welcome to stay. Todd's relieved, and secretly pleased that his plan worked.


Saturday 26 September:

Roy takes a momentous step and, hiding his inner turmoil, tells Hayley he'll support her decision to end her own life. Hayley's enormously grateful.

Peter and Leanne manage to diffuse the situation with Dev and promise to give Simon a telling off.

When Simon returns to No.6 empty-handed, Grace takes the mickey and calls him a failure. Leanne hauls Simon off home explaining to Owen how Dev caught him trying to shop-lift. Owen immediately suspects Grace and Faye are behind it.

Realising things don't quite add up, Tommy confronts Kylie, pointing out that she's the one who played away and yet it's David who's homeless. Kylie's evasive.

When Eileen tells Todd she's got him a job at Street Cars, he's less than enthusiastic and Sean tries to jolly him along.

Roy and Hayley discuss the various disagreements they've had over the years, and agree to make more of an effort to see things from each other's point of view.

Peter and Carla offer Tina a job looking after Simon and taking him to school when they're pushed for time. Tina promises to think about it.

Roy admits to Anna that he's promised to support Hayley in her decision even though really it's not what he wants and he's living a lie. Anna's sympathetic.

Owen voices his suspicions about Grace to Anna, telling her he reckons Grace and Faye forced Simon to go shop-lifting. Anna thinks he's making a mountain out of a molehill.

Roy and Hayley compare their favourite music, each trying understand the appeal to the other one. Roy's is Deep Purple, Hayley's Queen.

David's very drunk and depressed. Tina insists Tommy helps him back to the flat.

Hayley pours her heart to Roy, telling him she doesn't want to leave him and wishes things were different. Roy and Hayley are sad but finally reunited.

As David stumbles drunkenly down the street, he admits to Tommy how everything's his fault. Tommy's intrigued.