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Friday 22 August:


TOMMY GOES ON THE HUNT FOR KIRSTY. Tyrone finds out from the police that Kirsty has been found, but they won’t reveal where she is. Tommy urges him to go and find her, but Tyrone warns him to back off. Later, Tommy asks Marcus if he can check Kirsty’s hospital records to find out where she is. Marcus is sympathetic but refuses. Later, however, when he encounters Tyrone making a fuss of Liam he’s touched by his plight. He unofficially tells Tommy that Kirsty will be at the maternity ward that afternoon. Tommy heads off to find her, but will she listen to him when he tells her how lost Tyrone has been since she left?

ROB TAKES ACTION TO WOO STELLA. Rob tells Stella his offer from the previous night still stands but she’s having none of it. Later, he resists Eva’s affections and ends their relationship. Eva’s stunned and she goes to seek comfort from her Mum who’s horrified. Later she quietly tackles Rob about what he’s done. But how will she respond when he tells her exactly why he did it?

Elsewhere... Owen apologies to Anna and decides to bite the bullet. He’s going to support his girls.

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