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Series 1, Episode 17 My Heart Would Know 13 Sep 14 00:41:16

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If you missed an episode over the last week, never fear! Here's a recap of what has happened on Coronation Street. You can also watch full episodes on TVNZ Ondemand.


Friday 12 September:


IZZY REACHES A HEARTBREAKING DECISION. Izzy tells everyone she can’t let Katy be her surrogate because she won’t let it tear her family apart. There’s no turning back. Her mind’s made up. Her party ruined, Katy feels dejected despite everyone assuring her Izzy’s decision isn’t about not trusting her. Later Gary’s emotions escalate when he tells Izzy that he should have been given the chance to have a say in her decision. Concerned about what she’s doing to him, Izzy tells Gary that he deserves the chance to have a family and her next decision leaves him reeling.

RITA COMES TO TINA’S AID. Tina and Tommy, stinging after their spat are faced with Jason. He can’t believe they went over to No 9 after everything Tina did to Kirsty. He tells them he has a move in date for Julie and Brian. He wants them out the flat. Tommy and Tina feel the pressure building and have a row. Tina flees from the flat and is found by Rita, crying on Maxine’s bench. Will Rita give her the solace she seeks or a healthy dose of tough love?

GLORIA PUSHES STELLA TO BREAKING POINT. With Stella out of the way, Gloria asks Karl to help behind the bar in the hope that it may impress Stella upon on her return. Not only that, but she continues to make changes, upsetting staff and customers alike. When Stella eventually returns, she kicks out Karl and rows with her mother. Gloria threatens to leave but Stella calls her bluff. Could this really be the last time Stella sees her mum?

Elsewhere... Tracy is really starting to get to Michelle and Chesney comforts Katy following Izzy’s decision.


Saturday 13 September:


TINA TURNS TO RITA WHILST TOMMY TRIES TO STOP HER PLANS. Tina tries to make Tommy see that what she’s going to do will make no difference to them but he won’t listen. He heads off to see Owen and begs him not to make Tina do the surrogacy. Tina meanwhile pours her heart out to Rita about the state of her and Tommy’s relationship, without giving away too many of the details. She’s encouraged by this to have another go at persuading Tommy she’s doing the right thing but he insists he wants nothing to do with it. He tells her he can’t promise he’ll be at home when she gets back and leaves Tina in pieces. Later when Rita tackles Tommy for hurting Tina, she’s stunned at what he tells her.

KIRK RESCUES BETH. Kirk stays silent as the factory is buzzing about the bloke Beth’s hoping to bag, but later offers to give her lift to her date with destiny. When they arrive outside a pub on a rough estate Kirk notices beneath the bravado Beth’s quite nervous. He bolsters her confidence by telling her she looks gorgeous. He watches forlornly as she heads into the pub.  Inside Beth’s taken back when her date Dave looks nothing like his web picture. After knocking back his drink and suggesting they cut to the chase Dave suggests he and Beth go back to his. Beth scoffs asserting that she’s not that easy. When Dave reckons at their age they can’t afford not to be Beth goes on the attack. She leaves the pub with Dave in pursuit. He starts threatening her, but thankfully she has a white knight waiting to swoop in for the rescue.

SUNITA RETURNS TO LIFE IN THE SHOP. Sunita tells Karl that Dev offered her a job and to her surprise Karl tells her to take the job as they need the money. When at the shop Dev is cold and business like to Sunita. Later he hears Karl discussing plans to cook a special meal for Sunita to make up for their morning tiff. He grins hatching a plan.

Elsewhere... a discovery in his cab gives Lloyd an excuse to visit Mandy

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