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Watch Coronation Street on TV ONE and TVNZ OnDemand

Watch Coronation Street on TV ONE and TVNZ OnDemand

Watch Coronation Street on TV ONE and TVNZ OnDemand

If you missed an episode over the last week, never fear! Here's a recap of what has happened on Coronation Street. You can also watch full episodes onTVNZ OnDemand.



Friday 26 June

Hayley finds unlikely support in Carla. When Hayley makes a mistake at work then has to ask Carla for time off she’s forced to admit it’s for a CT scan. Seeing that beneath her brave veneer Hayley’s terrified, Carla offers to drive her to the hospital. In the waiting room Carla tries valiantly to make small talk, insisting it’ll be nothing, but alone with the consultant what will Hayley’s prognosis be?

Rob and Tracy drive a hard bargain. Rob’s determined to press his case against Peter but with some family loyalty kicking in Tracy suggests they can be cleverer. They’ve got Peter and Carla over a barrel and Tracy lays it on the line, they want the bookies shop for six months, rent free or they’ll sue. On the ropes will Peter be forced to agree?

Nick's in for a nasty visit. Nick and Leanne return from  their spa break closer than ever. Simmering with resentment David decides it’s time to up the ante in his secret revenge plot against Nick. Taking out his phone he calls trading standards. What has he got in store for Nick this time?

Elsewhere Owen puts a dampener on Audrey’s birthday when he tells her the crack in her wall may be a symptom of a much larger structural problem. Tim flirts with Sally as he does a few odd jobs at No. 13.


Saturday 27 June 

Roy finally steps up to the mark. As news of Hayley’s cancer spreads through the bistro Hayley reels, her friends offer their sympathy but this is exactly what she didn’t want. Back at the flat a hurt Hayley tells Roy she feels suffocated and doesn’t want to talk about her illness. As Sylvia explains to Roy how Hayley’s been keeping her own fears under wraps for fear of upsetting him, will the couple finally open up to each other?

Sophie's driven to expose Paul. As an angry Lloyd confronts Paul, accusing him of trying to bully Jenna into backing his story about not being a racist, Eileen drags Paul back home. Lloyd and Mandy are at loggerheads too now over the feud and having had enough Jenna seeks out Sophie. But seeing the girl she loves so worn down Sophie’s had enough and decides it’s time to take action against Paul.

Peter turns the other cheek to Rob's goading. When Rob winds Peter up about taking money from Carla, Peter refuses to rise to the bait, insisting they’re a solid partnership.

Elsewhere when Gary and Izzy tell Tina that Jake will be coming home next week she insists it’s great news but inside it’s clear she’s dreading seeing him again. Sensing this Tommy suggests a holiday.