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Watch Coronation Street on TV ONE and TVNZ OnDemand

Watch Coronation Street on TV ONE and TVNZ OnDemand

Watch Coronation Street on TV ONE and TVNZ OnDemand

Watch Coronation Street on TV ONE and TVNZ OnDemand

If you missed an episode over the last week, never fear! Here's a recap of what has happened on Coronation Street. You can also watch full episodes onTVNZ OnDemand.



Friday 24 July

Under Tina's accusatory gaze, David caves in and admits he was responsible for the hate campaign and Nick's car crash but insists he never meant to kill Nick. Tina's horrified.

Assuring Chesney she'd understand if he chose to be with Katy over her as Katy's the mother of his child, Sinead leaves Chesney to think about it.

When Sally bangs on about her garden party and suggests to Tim he should invite some of his friends, Tim makes excuses and escapes to the pub. Sally's put out.

Worried that Tim's going off her, Sally asks Sophie and Jenna for their advice. Jenna reckons she should take a step back and stop smothering him.

Chesney has a heart to heart with Tyrone and admits the most important thing in his life is Joseph.

Tina tries to tell Gail the awful truth about David but she's thwarted when Gail starts singing his praises and saying how he's a changed person.

Tina assures Gary she'd love to babysit for Jake.

Tim arrives home and is pleasantly surprised at Sally's new chilled approach. He tells her he's invited a couple of mates to the barbecue and Sally's pleased.

In an attempt to cheer Eileen up, Julie suggests a weekend away but Eileen throws her offer back in her face and Julie's offended. Realising she's overstepped the mark, Eileen apologises and hugs her sister affectionately.

Chesney finishes with Sinead, explaining how he needs to be with his son. Sinead's saddened but understanding.

David sees Tina talking to Gail and fears the worst. He's hugely relieved when it becomes apparent Gail knows nothing of his crimes.

Chesney tells Katy he wants them to be a family again. Katy's thrilled whilst Chesney's just happy to have his son back.

David begs Tina not to tell Gail the truth about him but Tina makes it clear, she's not prepared to lie for him. David's scared witless.



Saturday 25 July at 8.30pm:

Karl presses Stella to set a date for the wedding but Stella insists they can't go ahead without Leanne's blessing. Karl's frustrated.

Chesney admits to Fiz he's been an idiot and wishes he hadn't messed up with Sinead.

Roy talks to Hayley about a timetable for her hospital visitors. Although touched, Hayley prefers to go with the flow. Roy's disappointed.

David fusses over Kylie but Kylie's terse with him, wrapped up in her thoughts about a DNA test.

When Karl laments to Dev it seems wrong to have a stag night without a wedding date, Jason enjoys taking the mickey and suggests Stella's having second thoughts. Karl fumes.

Leanne assures Stella she must go ahead with her wedding as life is for living and it's what Nick would want.

Hayley's moved to tears when Roy surprises her with a special meal in the cafe to celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary.

At Sinead's request, Fiz meets her for a drink and explains how Chesney only went back to Katy to be with his son and deeply regrets splitting up with Sinead.

Audrey coos over Lily and reckons she looks just like David did when he was a baby. When Audrey suggests they take Lily to meet her Uncle Nick, Gail, David and Kylie are non-committal and Audrey's puzzled.

Katy bumps into her friend Steph who, after some effort, talks Katy into going clubbing in town.

Karl's stag night takes place in the Rovers with Steve, Lloyd, Dev and Kirk. Tez tries to chat up Eva but she's not impressed.

In the Rovers toilets, Jason continues to goad Karl about his lack of wedding date and reckons Stella must have seen the light. Karl flips and, grabbing Jason, hurls him against the wall telling him he hoped he'd got the message when he set fire to his van. Jason's horrified.