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Series 1, Episode 13 Fight Or Flight 16 Apr 14 00:39:34

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Friday 11 April

Tina battles death as Terry plots some more.  As Tina lies motionless where she fell in a pool of blood a panicked Terry rushes out but bumps into Tommy. Thinking on his feet Terry insists he found her like this, Rick did it then phoned him to say he'd be next. At the hospital Tommy's heartbroken as the doctors reveal they've sedated Tina till the swelling on her brain goes down – the next 24 hours will be crucial. Tommy wants to go to the police but Terry insists they've got to give Rick what he wants and they should ask Tyrone for money. Desperate Tommy tells Tyrone what's happened to Tina and reveals he needs a massive favour, Jack left thousands to Tyrone and he needs a loan to save his skin. Aware this is all down to Terry will Tyrone agree?

Paul has a surprising bombshell for Eileen.  Fed up of all the gossip Paul suggests to Eileen that they move away. Stunned Eileen insists it will never work as he can't let go of Lesley and will never be truly focussed on her. Suggesting he and Lesley move back home Eileen reveals she can't go on like this. Desperate to prove he loves her Paul makes a shock decision which leaves Eileen reeling.

Sunita and Karl lie to Stella.  As Sunita lets Karl into the flat they quickly head for the bedroom. But when they make their staggered return to the Rovers will the guilt kick in?

Elsewhere...  Kirsty makes an effort with the factory staff but will they give her a second chance?