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Coronation Street

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Dev's Bollywood star

While Dev's personal life isn't perfect, he's always considered himself to be a successful man. Sure his wife left him and took his twin babies with him, but he's working on being a good Dad to Amber; and he owns his own business. When Dev compares himself to the like of businessman Tony Gordon suddenly his little shop doesn't seem so much to crow about.

Dev starts looking of ways to improve his standing in the business community. So he joins a golf club.

The story

Finding only a hapless Vernon as a golfing partner Dev hits the green. Vern's golfing is appalling but when a sliced shot sees them introduced to prominent businessman Prem Mandal, Dev seizes the opportunity to make a connection.

Dev's delighted when Prem invites him to play again and Dev invites Prem back to the Rovers to show him off.  The two discuss their lives and Prem speaks lovingly of his wife, but says his daughter is in a troubled relationship.

Dev gets a blast from the past when he meets Prem's wife Nina Adani, a former Bollywood star that Dev had a huge crush on. Prem and Nina invite Dev over for dinner, along with Nina's friend Lisa. Nina shocks Dev by propositioning him.

Dev turns her down, but she visits him at his shop and renews her advances. Dev admits he's tempted but worries about his friend with Prem. Later that night she returns and again tries to seduce him.

Dev asks Nina's friend Lisa out on a date, but there are no sparks and they call it a day. Nina drives up and tells Dev to get in, telling him that she will make him forget all about Lisa.

The affair

Prem suggests that Nina helps Dev to decorate his new flat in Victoria Court. Prem and Dev head out to a business meeting but Nina joins them later with colour charts saying she is eager to start work on the flat. Prem notes that Dev is enthralled by Nina, remarking that she has that effect on all men.

Nina says she's away for the weekend and secretly asks Dev to come away with her. They arrive at the retreat and fall into the bedroom, but Nina's soon off - she's got a massage booked - leaving Dev feeling like he's just one thing on her list of pleasures.

Feeling used, Dev tries to break it off with her, but Nina threatens to cut him off from Prem - and his business contacts - if Dev doesn't play along.

Returning home Dev is looking forward to some time alone, but Nina has other plans. However when Nina arrives at the shop later to cancel; she's off to London to visit her daughter Tara, who is having ongoing relationship woes. Dev is relieved, but Amber's suspicious and comments to Molly that they are definately up to something. Lloyd and Vernon are also on Dev's case urging him to break it off.

Nina returns to Dev's flat but when they are interrupted by Prem looking for Dev, Dev can't take any more. He tries to break it off with Nina, but she refused to be passed over. She tells Dev that she's not going to make it easy for him - in fact, she's going to make things very difficult indeed.

The daughter

Prem invites Dev over for dinner where he's introduced to Prem's daughter Tara. Dev's rather taken with her but while Dev turns on the charm, Nina makes barbed remarks about him being a grocer and a divorcee.

As Nina ushers Dev out she warns him not to even think about Tara.


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