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Bringing up Chesney

The Background:

Chesney's not had an easy life. The son of Cilla he was often neglected while she pursued men and money.

Chesney had some stability when Cilla met Les Battersby, who became like a father to him. Chesney found a "big brother" in the form of Kirk Sunderland, who lodged with the Battersbys and also dated Chesney's sister Fiz Brown.

Doting Fiz took Chesney in when Cilla failed to look after him, but he returned to his mother when she was "diagnosed" with skin cancer. However when Cilla took off to the US, and Les went on tour, Chesney was left to fend for himself, living with Kirk.

The Story:

Fiz has had plenty on her mind since she found out her boyfriend John Stape was having an affair with Rosie Webster . Still she feels terrible when she goes to visit Chesney when he's ill and finds that the house is in squalor. There's a stack of unpaid bills and Kirk confesses they may get made homeless.

Fiz wants Chesney to move in with her, but he refuses to go without Kirk or Schmeichel his great dane. Instead Fiz draws up a budget for Kirk to help pay his bills. Chesney gets a letter from school requesting a meeting with Cilla, but he and Kirk decide to ignore it.

With the butcher's having financial problems Ashley is forced to let Kirk go. Concerned, Claire goes round and is horrified by the state of the house. She warns Kirk that their home is a health hazard, and makes him promis to clean it up. Claire's concern increases when she hears that Chesney had been missing his paper run and Kirk hasn't woken him. Norris is also worried when he goes round to complain about the noise and finds Chesney laying mouse traps.

Kirk heads out for a job interview, leaving Chesney home alone. When a social worker arrives he's forced to admit that his parents and sister are away, and that he burned his arm on the iron. Unable to contact Kirk, Chesney is taken into care.

After a fruitless day job hunting Kirk returns and accepts Tyrone's offer of a pint. He arrives home too late, finding only a letter from the social worker.

Devastated, and with Fiz on holiday, Kirk turns to Roy for help and along with Becky they try to get Chesney back. Becky is convinced that Norris called social services and confronts him. Claire confesses that it was her, but says she didn't know that they'd take him away.

Kirk goes to visit Chesney, who gives Kirk a list of instructions for looking after the house. Kirk suggests they make a run for it, but Chesney knows it will just make things worse.

When Fiz returns from holiday Roy helps Kirk break the news to her. Fiz is furious at Kirk and resolves to get Chesney back. After visiting Ches, she apologises to Kirk, saying he's always been there for her and she's been too caught up in her own problems.

The social worker agrees to let Fiz be Chesney's guardian, but needs to inspect Fiz's home. Knowing he won't be able to have Schmeichel at Fiz's flat, Chesney refuses to leave. Reluctantly Fiz agrees to move in to no. 5 with Chesney and Kirk instead. Chesney is finally allowed to come home.

Fiz is happy to have Ches back but is struggling to cope with living with Kirk, who is like another child, and excited to have Fiz there, seems to be where-ever she looks. Increasingly frustrated, she considers asking Kirk to move out, but knows it will hurt him and upset Chesney.

Maria tries to help by buying Kirk a ticket to go and visit their mother, but Kirk refuses - worried that Fiz won't cope with out him. Eventually Kirks is persuaded to go, but Fiz tells Maria he'll have to move out.

Kirk in love

Fiz is not looking forward to Kirk's return and is nervous when he says he wants to talk to her. However it turns out that Kirk has met someone on holiday - her name is Julie - and she lives nearby.

While Fiz is happy that Kirk is no longer interested in her, she's finding Julie somewhat annoying and is beginning to resent her constant presence annoying - especially when it comes to Chesney.