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Back to Becky

Katherine Kelly plays Becky Granger on Coronation Street

Becky's always had a soft spot for Jason - a fact exploited by David when he tried to cause tension between the newly wed Jason and Sarah.

After Sarah left Jason and Becky shared a New Year's kiss which led to a one night stand. However Jason quickly regretted it and headed off to Milan to try and patch things up with Sarah. After confessing to Sarah, Jason returned to Weatherfield with a black eye. Feeling used, Becky also sent him packing.

Having worked at the café with Roy, Becky was asked to look after Roy's flat while he was away in Africa visiting Hayley. On his return Roy asked Becky to co-habit with him. However Roy often struggled to deal with Becky's lifestyle especially when she brought a builder (Rick) home for the evening.

When Rick revealed to Jason that he had a girlfriend Jason proved loyal to Becky and told her. However when Jason was persuaded to smoke out some endangered bats from the building site Roy barred the builders from the café.

After enjoying some time in the Rovers Becky and Jason rekindled their romance, heading back to Jason's. Becky tells Jason she wants to take things slowly and leaves, but soon knocks on his door.

They begin dating and Becky is pleased that it's going so well; she even gets on well with Eileen. However her enthusiasm is too much for Jason who is beginning to feel trapped. The more Jason attempts to avoid her, the more Becky increases her attentions - cooking him dinner and surprising him with new lingerie. Eileen and Bill both advise Jason to be honest with Becky but he is unable to stand up to her.

Becky realises that Jason is avoiding her and after drowning her sorrows meets up with Steve and Lloyd. Steve's been out drinking after fighting with Michelle, and being arrested for locking Dan in the cellar. Steve and Becky share their woes and the pair end up in bed.

The next morning Roy discovers a shirtless Steve in the flat, and is clearly displeased. Becky tries to tell him that Steve slept on the couch, but Roy clearly doesn't believe her. Becky worries that Roy will tell Michelle or Jason, but Roy claims he's only worried about Becky.

Becky resolves to break it off with Jason, who has meanwhile decided to tell her that he likes her, but doesn't want to see her all the time. Becky tells him that it won't work and they're better as friends.

Hearing of this, Lloyd worries that Becky has sights set on Steve and warns him to be careful. But Steve's more worried about  Michelle finding out.

When Michelle accuses Leanne of having slept with Steve, she finds herself shortstaffed at the Rovers and asks Becky to help out. Becky readily agrees, and is pleased with her new job. Her good fortune continues when Jason reconsiders his feelings. After being left to celebrate his birthday with Sean and Marcus, Jason realises he is missing Becky and tells her he wants her back.

Living with Jason

However things with Roy deteriorate, when he expresses concern about her working at the Rovers and her relationship with Jason. Becky's sick of being told what to do by Roy and decides that she should move out. Left homeless she moves in with Jason.

Becky returns from holiday with Jason and is worried to hear that Steve and Michelle have split. She tells Michelle that Steve's a good chap who made a small mistake, and urges her to give him another go.

Finding things at Eileen's a bit cramped, Becky's delighted when Jason takes the hint and suggest they get their own place.


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