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Alex Neeson

Played by: Dario Cortes

First Appeared: 2006 (UK)

Date of Birth: 14 January 1992

Occupation: Student

Relations: Biological son of Michelle Connor. Raised by Nick and Wendy Neeson

Storylines: Alex is the biological son Michelle Connor, and was swapped at birth with Ryan Connor. Alex's father Nick discovered that Alex was not his son after Alex had some blood tests done. At first he believed that his wife Wendy must have had an affair and this belief contributed to the break up of their marriage. However it turned out that Alex was not Wendy's son either.

Michelle initially did not want anything to do with Alex and promised Ryan that she would not see him, however she soon became curious about her "other son," in part because of his physical resemblance to her dead partner Dean. Alex found life with his divorced parents troublesome and sought refuge with Michelle, playing on her sympathies. His presence caused trouble for Ryan and Michelle's partner Steve.

Steve lost patience with Alex when he was left in charge of Steve's daughter Amy, but sent her out to play instead of keeping an eye on her. After Steve yelled at Alex he snapped and locked himself in the Rovers. He also created trouble by turning up unannounced at Liam and Maria's wedding and introducing himself to Michelle's parents.

Michelle eventually sent Alex back to his parents, which he resented and refused to talk to Michelle. After Steve talked to him, Alex agreed to see Michelle again and she took him on a trip to Ireland to officially meet her parents. Ryan refused to go with them, but acknowledges his mother's need to spend time with Alex.


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