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Boy racers not accident-causers

Published: 7:28PM Tuesday January 02, 2007 Source: One News

Canterbury is well known for its boy racers who have developed a pretty bad reputation on the roads, however new figures show it is middle-aged drivers who are the biggest killers on Canterbury roads.

Boy racer cars may make a lot of noise, but they are not as dangerous as they might sound.

"They pose a risk, but for our road toll, the vast majority of deaths have been caused by ma and pa average," said Christchurch Police Inspector Derek Erasmus.

There were 74 fatal crashes in the South Island throughout 2006, but it was middle-aged drivers who were the main contributors, and the reasons were all too familiar.

People not wearing seatbelts, drinking and driving and people speeding were all factors, with no accidents caused by boy racers.

"The people we call boy racers are very obvious and very easy to blame, because it's easy to blame someone else than your own driving behaviour," said Erasmus.

Though many boy racers feel they are being targeted, the police insist that while they may not be the biggest road safety issue, they are a concern to the community and therefore need to be policed.

The holiday road toll period ends at 6am on Wednesday morning, but the road safety message will still apply for all motorists, regardless of how old they are.

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