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Arson suspected in college fire

Published: 7:36PM Friday December 08, 2006 Source: One News

Fire has destroyed two classrooms and damaged several other buildings at Kaipara College. Iinvestigators suspect the cause of the fire to be arson.

Flames had crept up the weatherboard walls of a block dating from the thirties and swept into the roof, but about 40 firefighters contained the damage to two classrooms saving computers in the same building.

The blaze appears to have come from a deliberately lit rubbish bin fire.

"I think it was just to burn the rubbish bin down to make a bit a of a scene sort of thing, but not to burn the whole building down," said a local student.

Only junior pupils are still attending classes at Kaipara College and the school year is nearly over so it is unlikely there will be disruption to classes before the rooms are back in action by February.

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