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Mark Lundy again takes the stand

Published: 6:18PM Monday March 18, 2002

Lawyers for Mark Lundy will finish putting the case for his defence on Tuesday after calling three witnesses - including the accused who took the stand for the second time on Monday.

Mark Lundy again emphatically denied killing his wife Christine and seven-year-old daughter Amber.

"I did not go home, I did not kill my family," Lundy said.

The Crown's case hinges on two main points - Christine Lundy's brain tissue found on her husband's shirt and timing.

The Crown called experts who say the tissue was so fresh it must have got on the shirt within minutes of leaving Christine's body, but the defence tried to cast doubt on that.

Pathologist Beth Synek told the court she carried out her own experiment which shows brains cells can take up to 48 hours to deteriorate if left in the open.

The defence also maintains that three hours is not enough time for Lundy to have driven from Wellington to Palmerston North, killed his wife and daughter, and then driven back again.

The defence hired private investigator Paul Bass to re-enact the journey. He made the trip three times and says the shortest one-way trip took one hour, 56 minutes.

Bass says that would leave only 58 minutes to make the return journey to Wellington and arrive within the three hour limit.