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Conflicting evidence of marriage

Published: 6:07PM Friday February 15, 2002

Conflicting evidence emerged in court on Friday about the relationship between murder accused Mark Lundy and his wife Christine.

Witnesses spoke of both tension and happiness in the marriage of Mark and Christine Lundy.

The 43 year-old is accused of bludgeoning to death his wife and their seven year- old daughter Amber

Mark Lundy claims that the last time he saw Christine alive, he kissed her goodbye at a lighting shop, but the shop assistant says that never happened.

Mark Lundy claims that he adored his wife of 18 years .

But on Friday the court heard from his sister-in-law who says Christine confided in her a month before she was killed about things she was unhappy about.

"It was mainly to do with things being finished about the house, she had talked a little bit about their lifestyle as such. She had mentioned to me and I can't remember if it was that afternoon, that she had wanted Mark to stop drinking for a period of time," Maria Norelle, Mark Lundy's sister-in-law said in court.

But later a friend of the Lundy's described her view of their marriage.

"They were just an awesome couple obviously very much in love with each other very tender very affectionate," Bronwyn Neal said.

Neal says that she spoke to Lundy on the phone just before he found out the bodies had been discovered. And says that he did not sound normal.

When questioned by Crown Prosecutor Peter Butler Neal, whether she asked Mark Lundy if he was alright because he sounded different, Neal told the court: "He used to tease me and call me names and have a bit of fun with me and he didn't that day."

Mark Lundy claims he last saw his wife alive on the morning of the killings. He recalled saying goodbye to Christine in the videotaped police interview.

But on Friday shop assistant Lyndell Campell who served Christine told the court that "didn't happen".

Campell remembered a man being in the store briefly but she did not think he and Christine were a couple.

The case is set to run another four weeks.