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NZ First release party list

Published: 4:11PM Tuesday August 23, 2005 Source: RNZ

The former high profile head of a school for teenage parents, Susan Baragwanath, has leap-frogged six sitting MPs to take the eighth spot on the New Zealand First party list.

Leader Winston Peters has the top spot in the list, announced on Tuesday, followed by deputy leader Peter Brown.

Brian Donelly, Ron Mark and Doug Woolerton round out the top five.

The rest of the top ten are Barbara Stewart, Pita Parone, Jim Peters, Dail Jones, Craig McNair.

Peters says Baragwanath, has a strong record which will stand her in good stead for parliament.

Her inclusion brings the number of women in the list's top 20 to three. Peters says New Zealand First has been trying to increase its female representation.

Also included on the list at number 15, is the former Cook Island Prime Minister Dr Joe Williams.

New Zealand First is the last of the parties within parliament to release their list.