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Grey's Anatomy

S1 Ep 6: If Tomorrow Never Comes (Recap)

Screened Wednesday 17 August at 8.30pm

Alex gains the trust of Annie, a nervous patient with an extraordinarily large tumour. But he blows his chances of scrubbing in for surgery when she overhears him being less than polite about what kind of person chooses to ignore an enormous tumour for a year rather than seek help.

Cristina and George get to scrub in for surgery instead - a day-long ordeal that involves holding up the heavy tumour while the surgeons try to remove it. Alex spots his chance to get involved when the blood supply runs out, but when he runs into the surgery with the fresh blood it is too late, Annie has died on the operating table.

Meanwhile, Alex has failed to replace the battery of his beeper and is unaware that Izzie is desperately in need of help. Alone and unable to find help in time, Izzie must perform an emergency procedure she has never even seen done.  Izzie succeeds in saving the patient's life and is later praised by Burke. When Alex accuses her of trying to get all the glory for herself she loses the plot, telling him she paged him 50 times. Alex checks his pager and feels suitably stupid.

Derek chooses Meredith to assist with an elderly Parkinson's patient, but Bailey disapproves of their relationship and tells Derek that if he keeps favouring Meredith she will make sure Meredith suffers.

The Parkinson's patient refuses to have brain surgery that could dramatically improve his condition, but his daughter wants him to. The daughter asks Meredith to try and talk her father into it. When Meredith approaches Derek about it she ends up getting a lecture from him - in front of Bailey - and she drops it.

But after another plea from the daughter, Meredith - who understands the pain of dealing with an ill parent - goes to speak to the father. She points out that it's not just about his life; it's about the daughter too. He agrees to the surgery, but only if it's performed that day. The surgery goes ahead and is successful.

On the romantic front, George decides that he has to do something about his crush on Meredith. But when he goes to her room with a couple of beers, he finds her gone. Meredith has gone to see Derek, having finally decided that she wants to continue their relationship, despite the hassles.

Burke confronts Cristina about what is going on between them, but Cristina is her usual mocking self: "You need a definition? Do you really want to be that guy?" she asks him. Burke gets her point, and tells her to lock the door...