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National accused of selling out to US

Published: 7:31PM Thursday July 21, 2005 Source: One News

Cabinet minister Trevor Mallard claims National Party leader Don Brash is selling out his parties policies to the Americans in return for election funding. 

Brash says Mallard is lying and resorting to low blows as part of Labour attempts to undermine him.
Mallard said Brash will follow behind the people who are funding his campaign wherever they go, claiming National is using an American fundraiser who he refuses to name.

Mallard says Brash has indicated he will act on American lines more than any government in New Zealand ever has in the past.

Brash says this is a very low blow and he regards it as being totally inappropriate.

"If  Trevor Mallard has any proof about our policies being driven by the United States he should front up and prove it, he can't because it's a lie," says Brash.

Labour says policies should be written in Wellington not Washington.

National says it doesn't have an American fundraiser and challenges Mallard to put up or shut up.

One News understands the person Mallard was referring to is American billionaire Julian Robertson, owner of Kauri Cliffs and a friend of Brash. 

But National says no substantial donation has been received from Robertson.

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