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Sir Ed tops NZ's most trusted list

Published: 3:55PM Thursday June 30, 2005 Source: AAP/TVNZ Interactive

Mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary is New Zealand's most trusted individual according to a survey which put politicians and show business types at the bottom of the list.

Lord of the Rings trilogy director Peter Jackson ranked third in the Readers Digest trust survey in a top 10 otherwise dominated by sports stars.

Among the least trusted, volatile actor Russell Crowe, who was born in New Zealand, came in at number 47 in the list of 50 well-known Kiwis and model Rachel Hunter was 45th.

Prime Minister Helen Clark fared slightly better at number 43.

Readers Digest said the most trusted individuals had the common trait of humility while the least trusted were perceived to be motivated by self-interest.

Hillary was the first to conquer the world's highest mountain Mount Everest in 1953.

The survey also looked at what professions and what brands New Zealanders trust the most.

Fire fighters, our most trusted profession for three of the last five years, are the top profession for 2005.

Newcomers to the profession list were mothers, who were placed fourth most trusted and fathers who came in at eighth place.

Food, whitegoods and pain relief products made up our top most trusted brands with Cadbury placed first, followed by Tip Top, Sanitarium and Fisher & Paykel while Heinz Watties and Panadol shared fifth place.

Most trusted individuals: 1. Sir Edmund Hillary (mountaineer, ambassador); 2. Sarah Ulmer (cyclist); 3. Peter Jackson (film director); 4. Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell (rowing); 5. Colin Meads (All Black); 6. Peter Snell (runner); 7. Hamish Carter (tri-athlete); 8. Irene Van Dyk (Netball); 9. Barbara Kendall (board sailing); 10 Alison Holst (cooking); 11. Dame Kiri Te Kanawa (musician); 12. Dame Susan Devoy (squash); 13. Tim and Neil Finn (musicians); 14. Sir Richard Hadlee (cricket); 15. Greg Murphy (motor racing); 16. Dame Sylvia Cartwright (Governor General); 17. Tana Umaga (All Black); 18.Sam Neill (Actor); 19. Stephen Fleming (cricket); 20. Buck Shelford (All Black); 21. Stacey Jones (Rugby league); 22. Judy Bailey (media); 23. Dame Sian Elias (Chief Justice); 24. Stephen Tindall (businessman, philanthropy); 25. John Campbell (media); 26. Lucy Lawless (actor); 27. Sir Howard Morrison (musician); 28. Lana Coc-Kroft (media); 29. Grant Dalton (sailing); 30. Tab Baldwin (basketball coach); 31. Temuera Morrison (actor); 32. Alan Duff (author); 33. Graham Henry (rugby coach); 34. Tim Shadbolt (Mayor); 35. Susan Wood (media); 36. Raybon Kan (comedian); 37. Dick Hubbard (Mayor); 38. Jonah Lomu (All Black); 39. Mark Todd (equestrian); 40. Sam Hunt (poet); 41. Geoff Robinson (media); 42. Mark Ellis (media); 43. Helen Clark (politician); 44. Kim Hill (media); 45; Rachel Hunter (model); 46. Suzanne Paul (business women); 47. Russell Crowe (actor); 48. Paul Holmes (media); 49. Winston Peters (politician), 50; Don Brash (politician)

Most trusted professions: 1. Fire fighters; 2. Ambulance officers; 3. Nurses; 4. Mothers; 5. Pilots; 6. Doctors; 7. Pharmacists; 8. Fathers; 9. Teachers; 10. Judges

Most trusted brands: 1; Cadbury (Food); 2. Tip Top; 3. Sanitarium; 4. Fisher & Paykel  (Whitegoods); 5=. Heinz Watties; 5=. Panadol  (Personal care); 7. Colgate; 8. Griffin's; 9. Sony (Electronics); 10. Panasonic