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Thu May 5: Immigration Lawyer; Ruby Dee; Kiwi Wrestlers

Published: 6:20PM Thursday May 05, 2005

Immigration Lawyer Breaks the Law
Bryan Seymour meets an Indian couple whose dream of coming to New Zealand has been ruined, through the illegal activities of a lawyer they trusted to help them. Jag Lal is an immigration lawyer who has only added to allegations of corruption involving migrants.

The other is the Iraqi scandal that's run all this week, and for a follow-up on that Ian Sinclair tracks down the former minister of agriculture for Iraq.

Legend Down Under
Ruby Dee was a champion of the American Civil Rights movement. She's been in New Zealand playing the lead in the film version of Number 2, a comedy-drama written and directed by New Zealander Toa Fraser. Robyn Janes meets up with the 80-year-old legend.

Kiwi Wrestlers Aim High
In a gym in Auckland there's a wrestling revolution going on. Two normally mild-mannered lads run their version of WWF every month, in front of of a crowd of enthusiastic spectators, some of whom come from as far afield as Christchurch. Hadyn Jones meets The Economist and The Machine, two young men whose dream has taken hold. They are the creators of Impact Pro Wrestling.