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Lundy committed to trial

Published: 12:52PM Thursday July 19, 2001

Palmerston North businessman Mark Lundy is to stand trial for the murder of his wife and daughter.

After two Justices of the Peace ordered Lundy to trial he was asked if he wished to plead guilty, to which he replied "no, definitely not".

It is now nearly a year since Christine and seven-year-old Amber Lundy died in their Karamea Crescent home.

The property is now up for tender.

There were two mortgages on it before the killings, and Mark Lundy admits that at that stage he owed more than $2 million for a property in the Hawke's Bay.

ESR scientist Bjorn Sutherland, one of the experts who spent nearly two weeks at the scene, gave evidence on the fourth day of the depositions hearing.

He told the court he took samples of blood, hair, and brain tissue from the house the bodies were found in.

Sutherland also carried out luminol testing for traces of blood in the house, as well as in vehicles and outside.

He said the testing of family members' vehicles did not show any blood traces from Christine or Amber.

And he said no unknown impressions were amongst footprint impressions taken from dust outside the doorways to the house.

Sutherland said that blood found on the rear window, which had been tampered with, was Christine's, and therefore the window must have been opened after the killings.

The Crown says Mark Lundy sped from Wellington to Palmerston North then back again in the space of just three hours.

At 5.30pm Amber Lundy called her father on his cellphone to ask if she could have takeaways.

The pair were still alive just before 7pm when Christine Lundy took a call at home, and the Crown says they were killed soon after 7pm, when Mark Lundy says he was in his Petone motel room.

At 7.20 witness Margaret Dance says she saw a suspicious looking jogger, and at 8.30pm Mark Lundy made a call on his cellphone which is logged at the Petone cellsite.

Police say the computer at the Lundy home was switched off just before 11pm, and just before 11:30 Mark Lundy arranged a meeting with an escort.

Lundy is now back in prison where it us understood he is being kept in isolation away from other prisoners.