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Murder accused owed $2 million

Published: 7:12AM Thursday July 19, 2001

A court has heard that Palmerston North man Mark Lundy, accused of the murder of his wife and daughter, owed $2 million on land bought for a vineyard.

Police evidence includes a statement made by Lundy shortly after the deaths.

Financial details show Lundy and his wife owned one company he described as very successful, but a wine company owned solely by Lundy owed more than $2 million.

A preliminary hearing in the Palmerston North District Court winds up on Thursday as two Justices of the Peace decide if Lundy should be committed for trial.

The final witnesses, the officer in charge of the case and two ESR scientists, will give their evidence on Thursday.

Christine and Amber Lundy's bodies were found in the family home last August.

Mark Lundy was arrested in February, but his lawyer told the court that there are still 20 other suspects on the police's list that haven't been eliminated.