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Talk of psychic powers in Lundy case

Published: 12:02PM Tuesday July 17, 2001

Police and scientists will be giving evidence in the Palmerston North District Court in the third day of the preliminary hearing for murder accused Mark Lundy.

He has been charged with the murders of his wife, Christine, and daughter Amber, whose bodies were found battered in their home last August.

Two Justices of the Peace, who will decide if Lundy should be committed for trial, heard evidence on Tuesday from the pathologist who conducted the post mortems, as well as from a witness who saw a man disguised as a woman running near the home the night of the killings.

On Wednesday, police officers who worked at the house in Karamea Crescent will be called, and two scientists are expected to give evidence on forensic exhibits.

Talk of psychic powers from witness

A key witness in the Crown's case against Mark Lundy came under fire from the defence team on day two of the depositions hearing.

Crown witness Margaret Dance, a neighbour in Kelvin Grove, told the court she has psychic powers, but says she suppressed them to give evidence in the case.

Dance claims to have seen an unusual looking jogger in the neighbourhood about the time of the deaths.

Under cross examination she admitted she had psychic powers, and Mike Behrens QC then asked if she had used those powers in giving evidence.

"I deliberately shut them out... I did not use them... things came to me," Dance said.

"I have a photographic memory and it is like going back to a picture and seeing more detail."

The teacher aide was on her way to choir practice when she saw a suspicious-looking jogger running along this footpath.

Dance said the person seemed to be a large man wearing a wig, as well as a business shirt and tie under his track suit, that he seemed to have fear in his face and appeared to be running away from someone or something.

Dance says she gave police a note about a vision that the jogger's clothes had been hidden in a skip near Wellington.

The Crown says that jogger was Mark Lundy heading to his car parked just around the corner.

The Crown alleges that Lundy, arrested nearly six months after the murders, sped to Palmerston North from Wellington to kill his wife and daughter.

The deaths occurred at the mid-point of three hours for which the defendant cannot account - three hours which Lundy says he spent on the Petone foreshore reading a book and eating dinner.

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