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Stan Shaw's death remembered

Published: 7:32PM Tuesday June 26, 2001

The widow of New Zealander Stan Shaw has welcomed the death of the man believed to have ordered the brutal murder of her husband in Chechnya, nearly three years ago.

Russian forces say they've killed rebel leader Arbi Barayev, whose supporters tortured and killed Stan Shaw.

Barayev was a man believed responsible for 170 deaths.

"I'm actually quite happy he got killed," said Lily Shaw. "But ... I feel I didn't want him to die so soon like that. I wanted him to be locked up and to suffer ... the way they treated my husband," Mrs Shaw added.

Stan Shaw and three Britons were taken hostage in 1998 while working on a new telephone system for the breakaway republic, Chechnya. The headless bodies of the four hostages were later discovered on a roadside

Barayev was killed during a Russian rampage through his village, although his early death has robbed Stan Shaw's widow of any real justice.

"He should still be alive and locked up. We can not ask why he did it, why they did that - that's why I'm not happy he died so soon," said Lily. "Its pretty hard. No one can know how I feel."

Arbi Barayev was just one of the casualties of six days of fighting. Russian hopes will now lead to a turning point in the war

Stan Shaw is survived by his wife and their six year old daughter.

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