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Kiwi survivor found after Italy quake

Published: 8:10PM Thursday April 09, 2009 Source: ONE News

Out of the dust and rubble after the devastating earthquake in Italy's L'Aquila region, a Kiwi survivor has been found.

Matt Farmer has been playing rugby in L'Aquila and was there when the quake struck on Monday.

He and his wife have talked of the terrifying moments when the quake struck.

They say the quake felt like they were in a box that was being shaken.

"We couldn't see anything, just dust and rocks falling from the roof," they say.

"We feel sad for the people less fortunate than us, but we are just happy to be alive...we hope others can recover."

The couple have only been in L'Aquila for six months.

Meanwhile, the first burials are taking place for those who died in the quake, as hopes fade of finding any more survivors.

The death toll is now more than 270 with at least a thousand people injured.

More than 27,000 are homeless.

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