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Companies buy into April Fools' pranks

Published: 7:28PM Wednesday April 01, 2009 Source: ONE News

From the bush that grows to the iceberg sighted in Sydney harbour, April the first is the day some of us like to play a little joke on others.

But is the joke now less about harmless pranks and more a marketing tool?

April Fools Day jokes have ranged from Invercargill's water tower developing a dangerous lean to a floating carpark for Queenstown's Lake Wakitipu, and nowadays most seem to be commercially-driven.

Examples include the Flight Centre's jet-packs for hire at $50 a time or the world's first chocolate wine from Kim Crawford.

Rotorua's tourism body used a full-page spread to tell us Hugh Heffner's going to holiday in the city, saying he is coming because the 'eggy' air will help him keep it up.

One of the best known jokes was from Eion Scarrow.

20 years ago he told a radio station that a bottle of water would keep your lawn free of dog poo and people have followed it ever since.

He can not remember the inspiration for his prank.

"I don't know how I even thought about it; it was just spur of the moment. We had vets ringing up from England, what's the truth behind this?"

Scarrow says the secret to a good prank is to get a good laugh out of it and ensure no-one gets hurt.

Have you been pranked or know of a good April Fools Day joke? Comment below

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  • keywee83 said on 2009-04-02 @ 03:37 NZDT: Report abusive post

    10 years ago while doing the fruit picking in Hastings i told the tractor driver that there was an little oil spill in the Napier Wharf and all apples had to be sent to Wellington or Tauranga. He believed me for the entire day. I was giving him false updates from my walkman the whole day.

  • hola said on 2009-04-01 @ 23:10 NZDT: Report abusive post

    I think the whole thing is stupid - how do companies have money to waste on this crap??

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