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Custody battle in spotlight again

Published: 5:39PM Sunday December 07, 2008 Source: ONE News

  • Elena Mitrano (formerly Hilary Morgan) (Source: ONE News)
    Elena Mitrano (formerly Hilary Morgan) - Source: ONE News

The little American girl at the centre of an international custody battle two decades ago is in the headlines again - this time as a singer.

Elena Mitrano, formerly Hilary Morgan, has returned to the New Zealand city that was once her refuge, as she works to shore up deals with record companies.

She was smuggled into New Zealand in one of the most controversial custody cases ever. Hilary Morgan, in the care of her grandparents, hid in Christchurch for two years from her father and US authorities.

Her mother, plastic surgeon Elizabeth Morgan was jailed in the US for refusing to declare her whereabouts.

Twenty years on, the girl who hid is now in the bright lights, pinning her name and her past to her own record label.

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