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Activist found guilty of burglary

Published: 7:59PM Thursday October 16, 2008 Source: NZPA

An animal rights activist has been found guilty of burglary after "liberating" chickens from a battery farm to highlight the plight of battery hens.

Wellington man Mark Eden, who represented himself throughout a three-day trial this week, was found guilty just 15 minutes after the Palmerston North District Court jury retired.

Eden and about 10 others raided Turk's Poultry Farm in Foxton in November 2006 to free 20 hens, and then adopted out the seized birds.

He was sentenced to 150 hours' community work and ordered to pay $180 compensation to Turk's Poultry. Each of the chickens taken was worth $9 on the market.

Eden is the only activist to be convicted following such a raid, of which at least 20 had been carried out since the one at Turk's Poultry.