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Relocation Relocation

Friday at 8.30pm

Relocation, Relocation

Sunday at 3pm 

Season Finale: Kirstie and Phil are pulling out all the stops in Norfolk for a couple who are desperate to start living the good life.

About the show

It's New Year 2009 and the property market has never looked so confusing. With prices on the decline and the number of houses being bought and sold at rock bottom, it's easy to believe that the market is completely dead. But there are still some trail blazers who want to buy that dream new house in order to buy a dream new life. The series, which is still being filmed, will be charting these families as they work through the most complicated property market for a generation.

Cue Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer who are on hand to cut a swathe through the market maze in a brand new series of Relocation Relocation. The theory is to help a pair of house hunters to buy a new life by buying not one but two properties and even in today's turbulent times, there is no shortage of people have applied for Kirstie and Phil's help.

Each week our dynamic duo will dissect the tricky searches from the comfort of their brand new property HQ before hitting the streets to balance budgets and juggle impossible priorities as they take on their property missions for people who want to live the dream both here in the UK and in Europe.