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City Homicide



Damien Richardson as Matt Ryan

Detective Senior Constable Matt Ryan

Homicide is where he has always aspired to be, and where he has every intention of staying. If he were ever transferred out, he would probably resign.

Matt can sometimes be affected by the circumstances of a case, and when that happens, a slow burn begins. On the one hand, this can have the positive affect of forging his determination to nail the killer, but it can also, at times, cloud his judgement.

His boss, Stanley Wolfe, is aware of this flaw, but he still sees in Matt the makings of an excellent Homicide investigator. In fact, one very much like himself, when he was Matt's age.

Matt mightn't be as cunning as his partners, but he has a pure heart and good instincts. His self-effacing humour and warmth earns his colleagues' respect,
especially Jennifer's.

As important (at least as far as Stanley Wolfe in concerned) is the fact that Matt also has great compassion for those who have lost a loved one to murder. Matt understands exactly what these people are going through.

He's lived it himself. He's still living it.

With the exception of Stanley Wolfe, no one knows about Matt's past. It's not that it's a secret, it's just that he doesn't talk about it.

Actor Biography - Damien Richardson

Damien Richardson is doing a lot for his new role on City Homicide. Not only is he learning about being a cop, but the talented actor is learning a new language!

With character Matt Ryan's Italian background, Damien has been spending time with his language tutor on set to give an authentic sounding delivery.

"I'm learning from scratch," he reveals, adding, "I've never even been to Italy!"

But Damien is up to the challenge, explaining, "If theyd picked German, I'd have a smattering; French, I know a few words. But that's the great thing about being an actor you continue to learn and investigate and keep using your mind."

The AFI-nominated actor, who earned the nod for his role as a stalker on The Secret Life Of Us, says he's loving playing a character with more mental stability.

"On The Secret Life of Us I had to attack Kelly (Debra Mailman) and I got an AFI nomination for it and everyone was excited that I was pretty psycho. But that became like a poison chalice because anytime anyone wanted a nutcase, they'd get me in."

"So City Homicide is great for me because I get to play a normal guy."

Detective Matt Ryan is a police officer with plenty of integrity, which stems from a personal experience with the police as a youngster. Says Damien, "He's taken on a previous injustice and really looks at things with a moral point of view. He really has respect for the victims of crime and their families."

Damien recently finished filming Torn, a movie with Australian actor Costas Mandylor (Picket Fences), which was shot in 21 days and a great grounding for the tight deadlines associated with TV.

He is also appearing in the recent release Noise, and is starring alongside Guy Pearce and Rachel Griffiths in The Hard Word.

On the stage, Damien is as adept in front of the audience as he is behind the scenes. He co-wrote "The Belly Of The Whale", which won Best New Drama at the Melbourne Fringe Festival (1999) and is currently working on a script for a new feature film, Smashed.

He lives in Melbourne with wife Nicole and kids Maisie and Albert.