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Dayna Vawdrey

Tell us about your career:
Well my first appearance on TV was in a commercial when I was about five. I had to pretend an actor was my father but in between filming I kept saying 'you're not really my Dad!' Years later I presented a show on Juice TV for a year and then moved on to Studio 2 where I have been for over four years now!

What's your favourite part of being a Studio 2 host?
I love that every day is so different! One day I'm learning how to wakeboard on the Waikato River then the next day I'm interviewing Elemeno P. I also love that I have been able to travel all around New Zealand, I still haven't made it to Stewart Island yet but maybe this will be the year!

Most embarrassing on-screen moment/s?
Hmmmm it takes quite a bit to embarrass me but when we had Phil Keogan on the show he tried to find me a boyfriend on the show, very embarrassing!

Favourite TV show apart from Studio 2?
I'm a little addicted to Home and Away. I also enjoy Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Scrubs and I miss Friends.

What really bugs you?
I would have to agree with what Vicki wrote for this question! Also I don't like when people double dip in my tomato sauce.

Your favourite meal?
Saturday brunch is the best, fresh coffee and eggs bene! Also love Thai, Japanese and Italian!

Tips for kids wanting to get into tele?
Make the most of all your opportunities at school get involved in school productions and speaking in assemblies. Subjects like english, drama and media studies help too.  Also it's a tough industry and if you go for an audition and don't get it you have to learn to not take it personally.  Dream big!


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