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Jordan Vandermade

The lowdown on your life so far?
2006-08: Studio 2
2008: Singing Bee Host

What's your favourite part of being a Studio 2 host?
That we are a live show EVERY weekday and get the chance to meet so many cool people and do so many amazing things! Travelling around beautiful NZ is always a cool bonus and getting to present with not just my co-presenters but my friends, Matt and Dayna.

I'm very blessed to have such a cool job.

Most embarrassing on-screen moment/s?
I work in kids TV man - the list of embarrassing moments is a long one. But I honestly don't see anything I do as embarrassing. If it makes some one smile and laugh then it's all good with me.

Favourite TV show apart from Studio 2?
Anything with rugby or league!! Can't wait for the NRL to kick off. Go the Warriors!!!

What really bugs you?
My little puppy going toilet inside!! Just when you think that he is toilet trained BANG!!! You step into a puddle of wee!! YUK!!!!

Your favourite meal?
Anything Japanese!

Tips for kids wanting to get into tele?
Look at what courses there are out there. South Seas Film and Television School is really good cause you get to try all aspects of TV before you decide what to focus on.

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