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Matt Gibb

So Matt, what have you been up to all these years?
I joined the team at Squirt after Dominic Bowden left in 2000, then went straight to Studio 2!  Co-hosting the Kids Own Awards with Tamati Coffey was great, and so was hosting the 2007 Supre Stage Challenge show.

Whats your favourite part of being a Studio 2 host?
We get to meet so many people!  It seems like everyday somebody exciting is walking through the studio doors .

Do you have a most embarrassing on-screen moment?
I pretty much embarrass myself daily, which would be a problem if I was embarrassed by it!  Luckily I just enjoy myself no matter what!!

What's your fav tele show (apart from Studio 2)?
I'm still hooked on Lost!  What is up with that island??!

What really bugs you in life?
When people don't hear me talk to them, I'll ask a question but they just ignore me!! It happens all the time, and I'd get away with it but for some reason Dayna always notices and hassles me!

Your favourite meal?
I love Thai food!

Tips for kids wanting to get into tele?
I guess the thing to remember is there are heaps of jobs within the telly industry!  You could be a writer, director, presenter, props or wardrobe, camera operator, editor or anything!  If making TV interests you, stay at school then look at doing a course in film or TV. 

Good luck!!


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