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Television New Zealand Limited - Competition terms and conditions

Date of Last Revision: March 23 2015



The Basics

1. These competition house rules and the competition notice that sent you here form the terms and conditions for the competition (the Rules).
2. By entering the competition, you agree to the Rules. If you don't agree to them, don't enter. Simple.
3. Until a prize is awarded, TVNZ can cancel or change the competition or any of the Rules at any time, for any reason. Changes will take effect when they are posted in the Rules.
4. TVNZ has the final say on the competition and the Rules. As they say: TVNZ's decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. Basically, what we say goes.
5. To enter competitions, you must be a New Zealand resident, be 18 or older (unless a younger age is permitted in the competition notice) and meet all the other criteria in the competition notice.
6. We need to make sure our competitions are all above board, so unfortunately you're not allowed to enter if you're connected to TVNZ or the competition. This applies to employees of TVNZ, the programme producer, any company involved in the competition and TVNZs advertising agencies and web companies. It also applies to these peoples' families and flatmates. If the competition is being run through Facebook, Facebook employees aren't able to enter either.
7. When applying, you must tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
8. Unless we've stated otherwise, only one competition entry per person please. Don't try to fool us. It won't work.
9. We've let you know the entry period in the competition notice. Sorry, but we can only accept entries received during this time.
10. We need to receive your entry to put you into the competition. So unfortunately, if the postie loses it, or a cyberthief intercepts it, you won't be entered.
11. We can disqualify you if we think that you've breached any of the Rules. But we're nice guys, so we'll be fair about it.
12. We won't return your entry unless it says otherwise in the competition notice. And we'll be allowed to use it however we want.
13. We can publish your name and address in connection with the competition. You also agree that we can take photos and videos of you to use for publicity purposes. So be sure to smile.
14. We won't be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by you or anyone else in connection with the competition or your use of the prize (if you win). If the competition is being run through Facebook, you agree that they will not have any responsibility either.
15. Sometimes things don't go as planned. If our competition is derailed for any reason, e.g. infection by computer virus, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures or zombie apocalypse, we'll have the right to cancel, postpone or change the competition.
16. TVNZ respects privacy rights under the Privacy Act 1993. That means there are a bunch of rules that we stick to, particularly around collecting your personal information. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy .
17. These Rules and the competition will be run under NZ law.

If you win

18. We'll contact you as we said we would in the competition notice. (These days, its usually email or phone.) If we can't get hold of you, we'll have to select another winner. So keep your phone handy!
19. For some competitions (e.g where international travel is involved), we may need to check you out a bit more thoroughly. You agree to help us out with that.
20. Unfortunately prizes cant be traded in for cash. Unless of course they're cash prizes. Then you'll get cash.
21. Prizes are personal to the winners and can't be transferred to someone else unless we agree. If you can't accept the prize for any reason (e.g you can't travel on the necessary dates), we can award the prize to another winner.
22. If you're disqualified for any breach of these Rules (e.g. we find out you don't match the eligibility criteria), we'll choose another winner.
23. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes we need to change a prize. If we do this, well swap it out for something of equal value (or even more!).
24. If we ask, you agree to appear in a promo (for free) for TVNZ or the competition promoter.

Sometimes there can be tax implications with winning a prize. We wouldn't want there to be any surprises for you, so suggest you talk to someone about this before you accept the prize.

If you win a trip

You lucky thing! But there are some additional rules that come with winning a trip that you need to know about.

25. We may ask you for a copy of your passport. This is to make sure we book your tickets in the right name (always important) and can check that it will be valid as necessary for the travel dates.
26. Once confirmed, travel dates and names of those travelling are locked in. That means you can't change them without incurring extra fees.
27. You agree that we can record some (or all) of the trip, that we'll own the footage and can use it however we like. Don't worry though, we won't use the footage for any commercial endorsement which isn't linked to the competition without your say so. Sometimes we might ask you to take the recording for us and you agree to help us out with this.
28. Unless they're included as part of the prize (in the competition notice), the prize doesn't include the cost of passports, visas and other travel incidentals (including spending money, medical expenses, airport or hotel transfers, insurance, meals, and hotel extras). You'll need to have a credit card to give to the hotel to cover your mini bar late night feast and spa bill.