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Message board help

So, you want to contribute to a show message board on Great, we're happy that you want to share your opinions!

To use the message boards, you will need to be registered with TVNZ. You can sign up by clicking the 'Register or login' link in the masthead on every page of the TVNZ website and on the Community homepage, and if you try to post a thread or a reply on a message board without a login/ID you will also be prompted to create one.

Once you've got a login, you can comment on message boards across the news and programme websites featured on You can also register to receive a variety of newsletters, including daily news updates and information about the latest full episodes available to view on the site.

Topics and threads:

On some of our larger message boards, when there are a lot of active messages, you'll come across a 'topics' page, which categorises the threads into various categories, like 'characters' or 'theories'. This allows you to more easily find the messages you're interested in.

Threads are created by you, the community, submitting new thoughts, and replying to them. You can see how many people have posted messages, and how recently the thread was last updatd.

Posting a message:

You can post a message in two ways - either by choosing to start a new thread, or by replying to an existing one. If you start a new thread, you'll choose your own headline as well as writing your message. Replying to a message, you only get to add a comment.

How your message appears:

You'll notice that in the message board editor, there are a few extra functions available - you can change the font, size and colour of your text, as well as being able to bold, italicise, etc& You can do this by highlighting a selected piece of text, then clicking on whichever icon you want to action - just like you would in Microsoft Word.

What you'll notice is that doing this puts html code actions around the text. To view how your message will ACTUALLY look on the message board, click on the 'preview' button.

Quote, Report and Flag:

On the thread pages, you'll notice a number of different functions underneath each message. These are extra tools you can choose to utilise (or not), as a member of the community. 

'Quote': If you want to respond to a message within a thread, you can 'quote' it. This means that the message you are responding to will appear at the top of your reply to the same message. Try it out :

'Report': Show message boards on are not pre-moderated. This means that any message posted will appear without being vetted by a TVNZ producer. While a swear filter is in place, some offensive messages may get through before being picked up. If you come across a message you believe to be inappropriate, you can use the report function to notify TVNZ. The message will then show up on the site as having been reported, and may be removed if TVNZ agrees with the notification.

It's just one more way we can make our message board community a better experience.

'Flag Spoiler': Often, international shows can screen in NZ a few months after their transmission. By flagging a spoiler, you can identify to the message board community a post that you think gives away future storylines, for example. Flagging a message (which can be done by the poster, or by anybody reading a message) will make it appear with a white filter over the top, so you can actively choose to read the spoiler, or ignore it.

Moderator and 'Sticky' messages:

So that we can communicate with you better, TVNZ message board moderator messages show up slightly differently than your own messages. They include an avatar image (soon, you'll be able to choose your own as well!), and also the colour of the message shows up on a black background.

Also, sometimes these messages will be posted as 'stickies' - that's so they stay at the top of the list of threads for longer, so you know that they contain important information relating to the community :

If you have a question that this page hasn't helped you with, you can email us using TVNZ's Feedback form