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Cold Feet

Kimberley Joseph

Kimberley's big break came at 19, when she scored her first major role on Australian national TV as Cassie in Paradise Beach.

Further credits include Home and Away, in which she played troublemaker Jo-Anne, Hercules-The Legendary Journeys and Tales of the South Seas.

Kimberley has also guest-starred in numerous Australian series, as well as hosting various TV specials and live TV events.

It was Gladiators - with three Australian produced series; two UK-Australia Ashes series; plus an international special - which propelled Kimberley firmly into the limelight in Australia.

In 1999, Kimberley set off to New York to study at the Atlantic Theatre Company and now resides between Los Angeles, Australia and the UK.

Surprisingly, Kimberley feels that Pete's ex-wife Jenny (Fay Ripley) should return to the show.

"I would certainly like Jenny to come back at some stage because I think her leaving was a rash decision. There are a lot of emotions that haven't been accepted or explored. There's some real unfinished business between Pete and Jenny. They need closure."