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Epsiode 3: Mussel and Púpú Boil Up

Mussel and Púpú Boil Up on Coasters

There is no real recipe using weights and measures for this sort of dish. It is just whatever shell fish is available then 'free styling ' as you go. What is most important is to start with the shellfish that will take longer to cook than the rest.

Fresh Mussels
Fresh Púpú
Minced Garlic
Fresh Chilli (rough chopped)
White Wine
Chicken or Fish Stock
Fresh Parsley (rough chopped)

Scrub the shells until free of sand and grit. Place the Mussels in a large sauce pan. Place this on high heat. Pour over liberal amounts of white wine and stock. Toss in the garlic and fresh chilli. Place a lid on and cook for 5 minutes before adding the Púpú .

Check after a couple of minutes then as the mussels open and the Púpú is cooked add a knob of butter and the Parsley. Pour into the bowls along with cooking liquid. Serve with some good quality crusty bread.



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