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Close Up: Wednesday, November 30

Published: 6:19PM Wednesday November 30, 2011 Source: Close Up

Battle of the three Davids

The battle for the Labour leadership has begun. Tonight contenders David Cunliffe, David Parker and David Shearer join Close Up.

Who do you want to see as the next leader of Labour? Have your say about the leadership in a text poll.

Text A for David Cunliffe, B for David Parker, or C for David Shearer. Text 8875 with your choice. Each text costs 75 cents each.

Laws and Mair take to the ring

Michael Laws and Ken Mair will step into the boxing ring to raise money for Christchurch.

Close Up's Jehan Casinader met the pair.

Story of courage

What do you do when you have survived cancer but it has claimed the life of your three-year-old daughter?

Nic Russell decided the death of her daughter would not be in vain. She has set up a charity that gives a helping hand to families whose lives have been torn apart by cancer.

Close Up's Ruwani Perera with the story.

Nigel Latta is holding his 'Politically Incorrect Guide to Raising Boys and Girls' talk in Auckland tomorrow night as a fundraiser for Kenzies Gift. It will be held at 7.30pm at Takapuna Grammar School Hall, Lake Road, Takapuna, North Shore. Tickets cost $25 and can be purchased at the door or online until 5pm Thursday.


A clarification about the interview we did last night on how parents should deal with bullying.

One of the guests was from counselling service 24-7. Close Up wishes to point out it was a different organisation to 24-7 youth work, which is a separate group.