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Close Up: Wednesday June 13

Published: 4:44PM Wednesday June 13, 2012

Dingo blamed for death
The woman at the centre of one of the 20th Century's most gripping scandals speaks candidly about family, justice, and her reputation.

Lindy Chamberlain talks to Close Up.

Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton is auctioning off some items to raise money for Justice WA.
The website, raises funds to help free victims of injustice.

Lindys also republishing her autobiography as an e-book with updates since this final coroners verdict
The name has changed.  It is now called The Dingos got my baby., instead of Through my eyes.
The proceeds go to, and its available where you buy e-books or at the website 

ACC angst
A hardworking solo mum is refused accident compensation after being told she would be covered.

The hard-working New Zealander is left in the dark and lumped with the bill after being told she would be cared for.

Cleaning up central Auckland
The mayor of Auckland wants help to clean up the city.

Len Brown has created a taskforce to battle booze problems, saying alcohol abuse is causing anti-social behaviour.

Not in our backyard
Some Motueka locals are upset that 60 hectares of empty farmland are being turned into an eco village which could be home to hundreds of people.
The developers of the Atamai Village are foreign investors and insist they are not hippies and that the village is not a commune.
Jehan Casinader with the story.