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Wednesday January 19

STORY ONE - Return Death Penalty 

The murder of 83-year-old Mona Morriss has turned the conservative little rural service centre of Marton into an angry township. Mayor Bob Buchanan has called for the return of the death penalty.   

STORY TWO - Kiwi Doctor Helps Out 

Sri Lankan born Slushna Weeramuni is a kiwi doctor who has just returned from the land of her birth after rushing there to help with the tsunami relief effort. Weeramuni shares a video diary of her experience and the relief work undertaken by volunteers and aid agencies in Sri Lanka.

STORY THREE - Super Jumbo Unveiled

Airbus has unveiled the largest passenger aircraft in the history of aviation near Toulouse in France. The Airbus A-3-80 has the wingspan of a football field and the grunt of 3,500 big cars.