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Wed Nov 23: Kiwi Paradise?; Spending; Sportscafe

Kiwi Paradise?
The Kiwi dream of a bach on the beach has been out of reach for many families for years. Those tiny two room cribs are now regularly fetching up to, and over a million dollars. It seems anything with a water view is the holy grail of property pricing. But while you'd be forgiven for thinking every inch of coastline has been snapped up by overseas millionaires or billionaires, not all is lost. If you look a little harder there are still slices of paradise left for those with a smaller budget. Connie Buchanan hit the road to find them.

Hey Big Spender!
Before you charge out and buy that beachfront place, think long and hard about what it could do to the general economy. As the Reserve Bank Governor, the banks, and the Finance Minister are constantly telling us, we are a nation of over spenders. We owe 116 billion dollars on our mortgages and another 11 billion on credit cards. All up - 17 billion more than a year ago. That's about 27 thousand dollars for every man, woman and child. It's all fuelling inflation, so the Reserve Bank raises interest rates. Now some businesses fear the economy is going to crash. So, do we care or are we still shopping till we drop? Mike Jaspers hit the mall to gauge the spirit of Christmas shoppers.

When Ric Salizzo first dreamt up the Sportscafe  concept his son was just 3 years old.  He got a bit of a fright the other day when he realised that same boy is now 14. So after 10 years of unscripted madness, the Sportscafe team has decided to throw in its hand. We've got to know them pretty well over the years, sometimes too well. Who'd have thought these four characters; a journalist, a beauty queen, a rugby player and a musician, could've kept us entertained for such a long time. We take a look back, then the crew join us live.