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Wed Nov 15: Benefit Fraudster; Jayden Headley; Mountain landing; Asha update

Benefit Fraudster
On October 26 police raided the rented unit of Wayne Thomas Patterson, known to his neighbours as Graham Johnstone. Inside they found almost two million dollars worth of cash and gold bars. It was buried in his garden, it was hidden in the walls and stashed at the top of the shower. Today Wayne Patterson pleaded guilty to 10 charges of forgery and fraud. Patterson used 123 identities other than his own to apply for benefits from the Ministy of Social Development over the period of March 2003 to October 2006. He had 137 ATM cards, 102 forged birth certificates, 56 Community Service cards, 79 superannuation cards, and 125 Inland Revenue Cards. In all, Patterson defrauded the government of $3.4 million dollars in benefit payments. Robyn Janes goes into his secret world.

Jayden Headley
Close Up has received a video from Dick Headley, Jayden Headley's grandfather. We are unable to show it because of an injunction, but we show still images showing Jayden is physically well. Dick Headley has also written to Close Up outlining his demands. Today, Chris Jones delivers a plea to Dick to return Jayden to the family. If you have any information about Jayden please call the Hamilton police on 07 858 6200
Mountain Landing
Peter Cooper is one of our most successful exports, the son of a truck driver from Kaitaia. Cooper was a lawyer and chief executive of Lion Nathan before he chucked in the corporate world 17 years ago and packed his family off to the States. There he made fortune, in property development and he's brough those skills home to develop the Britomart precinct on Auckland's waterfront.
But Peter has another passion - a 338 hectare property in the Bay of Islands. The land is steeped in history, it was the landing place for the first missionaries and the site where the first pakeha child was born.
With an eye to that past Peter Cooper and his team have developed the land into a world class destination. He shows Susan Wood around Mountain Landing - the 39 sections for sale, with a price tag of between $3 and $5 million.

Asha Update
Permanently paralysed by a massage at her desk at work, Asha Prasad is now a quadriplegic. She's currently in an Australian hospital - she had been living in Sydney - but her parents John and Naomi, brother Dylan and sister Daneesha want to bring her home soon. That will cost more than $18,000 in the flight alone as she has to travel with a nurse, on a bed and have specialist care for the journey. Robyn Janes talks to them about the challenges they face with Asha's future.

If you want to make a donation to the bank account that's been set up to raise funds to bring Asha home to New Zealand you can deposit them into this account.
J.C. and N.A. Prasad
06 0241 0212370 00
National Bank

Barry Vautier, President of Massage New Zealand, says massage does bring with it the risk of bursting a blood vessel if it is done too hard, although that's extremely rare. He says anyone feeling very sore or sick after a massage should see a doctor. Vautier warns that there are plenty of massage therapists in this country who have no qualifications, unlike in Australia where qualifications are compulsory - which places us at even greater risk.
In New Zealand the levels of qualification that should be preferred by clients are the certificate, the diploma or a degree (the highest). Reputable massage therapist belong to Massage New Zealand or its predecessor the Therapeutic Massage Association of New Zealand . Vautier also says that all massage therapists should screen their clients to assess if they have any health risks - eg blood clotting - even when it's just for a 10-minute massage at work.

* For more information about Asha visit her website HERE