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Wed Feb 7: Dangerous Dogs; Homeselling; Rugby Dreams

Dangerous Dog
Carol Jones has run dog kennels in Wanganui for years, but recently one of her charges attacked her, leaving her with serious injuries. Technically the dog was in her care and she could have had it put down, but she consulted with the owners who refused to do so. So, despite strict dog control laws brought in by the government after Carolina Anderson was attacked in Auckland four years ago, it seems loopholes exist. Damian Christie tells the story, while local government associate minister Nanaia Mahuta discusses how the law works - or doesn't in this case.

Homeselling Tricks
A growing number of peopel selling their homes are using the services of a professional "home stager" to take their old tired furnishings out of their houses and replace them with stylish decor to create a positive impression for potential buyers. John Sellwood watches the process, made popular by reality TV real estate shows.

Rugby Dream
Kevin Roberts is the kind of man who likes a challenge. Not content to be worldwide head of Saatchis, he's also chairman of the US Rugby Board of Directors. It's his job to bring US rugby into the age of professionalism. And he says he has the friends who have the money to do so. Sofia Wenborn talks to the eternally optimistic Kevin Roberts.