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Close Up: Tuesday September 11

Published: 6:15PM Tuesday September 11, 2012 Source: Close Up

  •  (Source: ONE News)
    Source: ONE News

Supporting the children

Former partners are getting away with not paying their child support because the IRD is not able to track them down.

If support is not paid then it's up to the taxpayer or the ex-partner to foot the bill, and the tax department to recoup the money, but people moving to Australia is complicating the issue.

Close Up looks into how much it is costing and what can be done about it.

The science of cyber-bullying

American medical research suggests we are less empathetic than previous generations, and social media could be behind the findings.

With cases of celebrities being hospitalised after receiving taunts on Twitter and vile messages being thrown around do Facebook and Twitter have a lot to answer for?

Community spirit rebooted

It used to be common for your neighbours or members of the local community to help each other out - building local halls, helping out around the home.

People used to give without the expectation of receiving and one Auckland man is keen to get that spirit back.

He's turned to modern technology to reboot some old fashioned values.