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Close Up: Tuesday May 1

Published: 10:32PM Tuesday May 01, 2012 Source: Close Up

Kicked around

Brendan Wyatt is a talented footballer with the world at his feet, but he says he is being bullied by his own school for making a stand over his playing future.

The 17-year-old is in his final year at at Westlake Boys High School and up until now he has played his football for both school and club, but this year that is not possible.

His decision to stick with his club has led him to the principal's office where he says he has had privileges stripped from him, including being able to go to his own school ball.

Is this a case of the school playing the bully? Former All White Noah Hickey and Manoj Daji from College Sport give their views.

Life-saving sisters

A month ago Jodie Alexander was learning how to do CPR in a first aid course, but two weeks later she found her new skills put to the test in an actual life or death situation.

Along with her sister Kathy, Jodie was able to save Jacko Swinton's life.

He was understandably extremely grateful when he met the sisters with Close Up.

Drawing inspiration

If you want to start your own comic book, being able to draw is an obvious advantage.

However, in spite of a lack of skill with the pencil, William Geradts has been able to create fantasy tales of super-heroes and villains from suburban Christchurch.

Close Up meets him to find out how and for more information check out William's website.