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Tuesday January 18

STORY ONE - Dreaming of Death

Thirty-nine-year-old Andrew Morris can't talk, walk or perform even basic physical functions. Andrew suffers from motor neurone disease, a muscle-wasting condition in which the sufferer becomes physically incapable of most activity, while their mind retains its function. He tells Ian Sinclair, through his partner Phillipa, of his wish for legalised euthanasia. Andrew is starving himself to death to publicise the plight of people with terminal illness, who are unable to take the option of voluntary euthanasia.

STORY TWO - Savage Dog Attacks

Reporter Robyn Janes talks to a little girl mauled by a dog in Auckland on a day in which there were two savage dog attacks on children. In the studio, Susan Wood talks to British canine expert Jan Fennell known as "The Dog Listener" who explains the psychology of dogs and how to keep children safe from them. The author of books including A Dog's Best Friend: The Secrets That Make Good Dog Owners Great, Fennell has a website at

STORY THREE - Largest Family in NZ 

The McAllister family from Auckland has been named the country's largest family, in a contest run by the New Zealand Woman's Weekly. They tell reporter Mark Hannan they have eight loads of washing a day, at least four loads of dishes, buy 30 litres of milk a week, eat 14 loaves of bread and spend $800 on groceries. Can you beat them? Email us.