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Tue May 02: Crash; Nepal; Ninty-nine and Going Strong

When a 17 year old on a restricted drivers license is involved in an accident with a police officer practically everyone automatically assumes the teenager's in the wrong, even those close to him.
And that's what the court found too fining the young man $600 and taking his license away for six months.
So why doesn't this young man accept his sentence and move on?  Tonight two experts tell Tsehai Tiffin that the official version of events is physically impossible.

Its been a turbulent time for Nepal. Just over a week ago the Kingdom was on the brink of catastrophie, the Kings half-hearted  reponse to the massive public uprising not enough to keep his subjects off the streets and fears it would end up with more demonstrators shot by the army or the people storming the palace. Mark Sainsbury has been in Kathmandu this week looking at what seems an almost unbelievable story.

Ninety Nine and still working
You send a reporter out to interview a ninety nine year-old, he's challenged to a press-up competition and gets beaten by someone more than twice his age. It's not so much that John Sellwood is unfit, it's that Tom McKay is an extraordinary man.  Just weeks away from his 99th birthday and Tom is still fit as a fiddle and working. John Sellwood with the remarkable Tom McKay.