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Tue Mar 29: Quick and the Dead; Toll Roads; Sully Paea

The Quick And the Dead
Should young people be able to drive fast cars or should the cc rating be limited as it is for motorcycles and the young? After a weekend in which young people and speed created another lethal mix, the topic is up for discussion again. Susan Wood talks to Ann Pala, whose son Nikheel, known as Nix, died speeding in 2001. She has turned his death into a positive by forming Nix Crew which is an organisation that promotes legal drag racing and has an event for young people once a year.

Hitting the Hip Pocket for Roads
Reporter Robyn Janes talks to Auckland mayor Dick Hubbard about his master plan to ease traffic congestion - the central core of which is toll roads. Could it work all over the country? How much would you be prepared to pay?

Good Guy Saves Lives
Sully Paea is an unsung hero working with the underprivileged in  South Auckland. You won't have heard of him, but to hundreds of kids he's a father figure, a charity worker and an angel all rolled into one. Mark Hannan spends a day with a man who is helping change lives.



Speeding Drivers
Surely it is time to make insurance compulsory? In the UK, cars are ranked into insurance groups by their engine size and power. Modified and customised cars fall into higher groups, therefore making insurance very expensive for modified cars. Not only is insurance compulsory, but you cannot renew your road tax without it, which makes policing it quite simple. Jason, Hamilton

The only way we are going to stop deaths on our roads is to build divided highways. We need to get people out of jail helping to build these roads like we did in the 1940s. Am I the only one to see this? Gary, Christchurch

We travelled 170km from Whangarei to Auckland over Easter, and saw five examples of homicidal driving. Three extreme speed incidents and two high-speed red light runners. We count ourselves lucky to have survived and are amazed that the road toll was so low. Dale, Whangarei

It's EASY to resolve this issue - make insurance compulsory!. You don't see many 16-17-years-olds driving around Europe in hot cars because they can't afford to. Why can't New Zealand see that having no insurance plus having ACC pay all bills  means people couldn't care less about the carnage they cause when they crash? Linda, Hamilton

In the UK, insurance is compulsory on all cars. The insurance premiums on fast sporty boy-racer type cars is so high for anyone under 25 they can't afford to buy them. Surely if the NZ government adopted the same scheme here, we would all be winners, (except for boy racers) and the roads would be a safer place. Rob, Oratia

The problem with young people and fast cars is not cc rating but power output. There are cars that are only 1.8L (non turbo) out there that are readily available that will produce more power than your average 3.8l Holden. Insurance companies have the same stereotype which says to them that the smaller the cc rating the slower the car, whereas this is clearly not the case If this information is available in any car magazine, why haven't the government authorites woken up to this fact? It's power output that's the problem, not CC rating. Cam, Hamilton