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Tue Feb 13: Helen Clark; Se rescues; Red tape; Better by design

Helen Clark Live
Sustainability seems to be the prime minister's favourite word. In Helen Clark's annual speech to parliament today she used the word 33 times. She is promising a sustainable nation - calling 2007 a year of action on sustainability - and she says that the pride we take in making our country sustainable and carbon neutral will define us, just as our anti-nuclear stance has. While climate change was the main focus of her speech she also addressed issues as diverse as parole, tax and the development of Auckland as a world-class international city. Helen Clark spoke to Mark Sainsbury live from our Beehive studio.

Sea Rescues
The search for transtasman kayaker Andrew McAuley was called off last night, as hopes of finding the Australian alive faded. Meanwhile, down near Antarctica the Search and Rescue Headquarters have been on alert, as protesters and whaling ships cross swords. The two incidents are thousands of kilometres apart but still included in the massive area of ocean for which New Zealand is responsible. Damian Christie looks at what's involved and how much it's costing taxpayers to look aftre this area.

Red Tape
The Annual Charity Motorcycle run along Auckland's motorway system is organised by the Ulysses club. It has been rolling along just fine for the last decade or so, raising tens of thousands of dollars. However, after a single complaint from a motorist, who was irate at being delayed by the passing motorbike convoy, the event may be cancelled. Michael Holland meets the bikers whose ride of goodwill is fast becoming an exercise in frustration.

Better By Design
When you think of design you might think of the sleek lines of a Ferrari or the clothes tempting you from the shop windows. The reality is, design is everywhere. It is what sets one product apart from another, and can be one of the biggest factors in whether products end up making their companies billions of dollars. It is not surprising then to find design is becoming increasingly important for New Zealand businesses wanting to make a splash overseas. Damian Christie tests your knowledge of classic Kiwi design.

N.B. Phil & Ted's was recently named New Zealand Creative Exporter of the year for 2006 and their flagship E-3 buggy picked up a silver medal at the prestigious Mother and Baby Awards in London. Click here  to visit Phil & Ted's website