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Tue Aug 15: Kidnapped Cameraman; Maori Queen Dies; Messy Rooms

Kidnapped Cameraman
Kiwi cameraman Olaf Wiig was kidnapped by gunmen in Gaza this morning, along with a reporter from the American cable news channel Fox. His wife, Close Up correspondent Anita McNaught, has just come off assignment in Beirut, and is now trying to get to Gaza from the Israel/Jordan border. No group has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping nor called for a ransom. We speak to Olaf's father Roger Wiig, who is currently on holiday in Napier. Then we're joined by Shahdi al Kashef, Chief Editor of news agency Ramattan in Gaza.

Maori Queen Dies
The Maori Queen, Dame Te Atairangikaahu has died after being in ill health for some time. She was the sixth, and arguably most important, leader of the Kingitanga movement which is based in Tainui and King Country. She was crowned in 1966 and was the longest serving monarch in its history. Her mana increased over the years because she represented the sovereign status that Maori claim through the Treaty of Waitangi. Her Kingitangi movement was designed to make a single nation concept out of many tribes. Maori Affairs Minister Parekura Horomia talks to Susan Wood.

Messy Rooms
How often do you hear parents complaining about their children's rooms being pigsties? How often do children hear the phrase "Tidy your room"? A Massey University lecturer has studied the phenomenon of messy teenage bedrooms, and it will be some comfort to parents that the problem cuts across all cultures and socio-economic groups. But she also has some things to say that may not please parents. Corinne Ambler went on an inspection. And if your child's room is worse than what you see in this story, email us a picture to Close Up