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Close Up: Thursday April 26

Published: 5:32PM Thursday April 26, 2012 Source: Close Up

Elephant tragedy
The tragic killing of Helen Schofield by an elephant at Franklin Zoo has raised questions over the supervision of private zoos.

Schofield was dedicated to the cause.

Matt Chisholm looks back at the woman determined to make a difference for her animals and explores how the authorities can judge if everything is under control.

Big hearts
Besides Malia there is only one other elephant in this country - Auckland Zoo's Asian elephant, Burma who has had a very different life to Malia. Andrew Coers leads the team of elephant keepers at Auckland where he is called the elephant whisperer.

Coers gives a Close Up look at what can be a very dangerous job. 

Fighting to enter the work force
There's no point in going to a job expo this weekend in Auckland unless you're willing to relocate. The expo is for Aussie employers looking to recruit Kiwi workers. That raises the issue of where are the jobs in this country and Gary Hayes is asking the same question after spending two years looking with no success.

Matt Chisholm with Gary.

And Close Up asks Paula Bennett what the Government is doing about jobs.