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Thu Nov 16: North Harbour; Boy in a bubble; Tampa triumph

North Harbour
Unless you're living in a vacuum you'll know there's a Rugby World Cup roadshow in town.
The main performers are Cup Minister Trevor Mallard, Auckland Mayor Dick Hubbard, Eden Park's Rob Fisher and John Alexander. There are also plenty of bit players - Auckland City Councillors and ARC representatives all keen to have their say on which is the best choice of stadium for the Rugby World Cup in 2011. Talk to most people and it's a choice between Eden Park and a new waterfront stadium on Auckland Harbour but there's another harbour option out there too... North Harbour. Brendon O'Connor, CEO of North Harbour Stadium, says his doesn't seem to be getting a look-in. Mark Sainsbury talks to Brendon O'Connor about his plan for the RWC.

The Boy in the Bubble
James Thompson Richards looks like any normal 13-year-old boy. But he's not.
James was born  with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome, SCIDS. He's more often known as the boy in the bubble. With an undeveloped immune system he's spent most of his life in sanitised isolation. James survives on a  cocktail of antibiotics, immunoglobulins that he has to inject himself with every second day to stay alive, along with frequent visits to hospital.Long term the situation is grim. But there's a glimmer of hope, stem cell therapy overseas. James and his family speak to Laurna White.
To find out more about James' fundraiser to get stem cell therapy in Europe you can contact Straightenup or to find out more about SCIDS go to Kidshealth .

Tampa Triumph
The Tampa was the Norwegian ship that rescued hundreds of mainly Afghan refugees off  the Australian coast five years ago. At the time, Australia rejected the refugees and the most of rest of the world watched and did nothing but we did something.  In fact more than a hundred survivors and their families now live in New Zealand. At the time some said what was in this for us? Well among the refugees was twelve year old Zainab Ewazi along with her mother, father, brother and sister. She's now seventeen and has made such an impact at her Auckland school that she's won a scholarship to help her through University. Rawdon Christie meets Zainab Ewazi.