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Close Up talks to camp comedian Julian Clary

Published: 8:08PM Monday April 19, 2010 Source: Close Up

He gave us outrageous outfits and homosexual humour, and when he put it all together there were many "sticky moments".

Renowned British comedian Julian Clary is now 50-years-old and is set to visit New Zealand for the first time in almost a decade for this year's comedy festival.

He first splashed onto television screens in the late 80s and became famous for his daring dress and dirty talk delivered in his oh so posh accent.

"I am quite vulgar, let's face it. I q uite like the incongruity of being quite well-spoken but talking filth at the same time," he says.

Clary has never been anything but up front about his sexuality and left little to the imagination when he wrote his autobiography.

"I'm happy to reveal all, it's ever so therapeutic. I was a young gay man in the 80s and 90s and of course I was up to all kinds of things and I felt the need to share it."

Now Clary is 50 and is sharing that milestone with audiences in his new show Lord of the Mince.

"It is quite graphic some of it," says Clary.

So, is it still dangerous to sit in the first few rows in his shows?

"Well dangerous if you don't like being drawn into the show, but I think people like it. And if they book the first few rows I actually go a further around now so there's no escape."

The conservatively raised Catholic with the flawless skin is now happy to confront aging and he is taking it literally in his stride.

"I did a show called Strictly Come Dancing here ... and I got through to the final and I was a triumph, however, it did do my left hip. I have some aches and pains ... so you must not be alarmed if I fall to my knees in the course of our interview."

But is he suffering the aches and pains of age?

"I have the need for a poof from time to time to rest my feet on."

And admits he is fighting the odd wrinkle.

"Oh I've had a bit of botox for goodness sake. A gay man living in london. I was first in the queue."

The comedian now splits his time bewteen his Camden flat in London and a house in rural Kent where he likes to write.