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Close Up: Monday, June 4

Published: 7:04PM Monday June 04, 2012 Source: Close Up

John Kirwan on being knighted

Let's be honest, John Kirwan didn't get knighted just for being a great rugby player, although he is.

He didn't get knighted for winning a World Cup, although he has.

He's got it for his tireless work to raise awareness for mental health issues after admitting publically he suffered from depression.

If an All Black, a legend of the game, can step up like that, then it gave a lot of people some hope.

Mike Hosking spoke to him over the weekend. He was in Cardiff to coach the Barbarians against Wales.

How easy is it to adopt in NZ?

If a couple who want children haven't been able to have them, IVF is more commonly talked about these days than adoption.

Last week the issue hit the headlines over calls that gay couples should legally be allowed to adopt.

But how easy is it for anyone to adopt? And does something need to be done about the laws surrounding it?

Close Up talks to chairperson of the Adoption Option Trust Sue Kingham.

The hairdressing All Black

The All Blacks used to be made up of farmers, tradesman, and teachers, but things changed as the game went professional.

Some players though still keep their hand in a trade.

Tonight, we meet a new All Black preparing to take on Ireland who is a cut above the rest.

Matt Chisholm meets with Aaron Smith.