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Close Up: Monday April 2

Published: 6:09PM Monday April 02, 2012 Source: Close Up

Hitting the jackpot

What would you do if you struck the $26 million dollar Lotto jackpot?

Saturday's big winner, 'Trevor' is dealing with that happy problem. He tells Close Up how he feels and why he has gone public.

But is it too much money for one person - should the jackpot be split into smaller prizes? That's the question in tonight's poll, and Karen Jones from the Lotteries Commission and psychologist Nigel Latta give their thoughts.

Living with autism

Adults with autism can display symptoms in a variety of ways. Some barely speak while others talk incessantly; Some are incredibly gifted while others have no real skills at all.

What they all share though is difficulty being accepted because they're "different".

With it being Autism Awareness Day, Close Up spends some time with a high-functioning autistic person who says day to day life isn't easy.