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Mon Nov 6: Telecom; Spam Attack; John Mayer

A number of years ago Telecom's original business was landlines and just about everyone had one, and still does, despite the cellphone explosion. Most of us regard the home phone as a basic necessity of life and it's pretty hard to imagine getting by without one. If you go into any rural area, with cellphone coverage often patchy or non-existant, a more reliable landline becomes even more important. Imagine you've found the perfect retreat, just on the outskirts of town but you can't get a phone line. That's what happened to one group of people near Levin, only to find out they could be without a phone for six months. Corinne Ambler looks at whether Telecom's core business is home phones or if it's well and truly moved on? Then Rawdon Christie speaks to Telecom's General Manager of Technology Operations, Kelly Moore.

Spam Attack
Over the past few weeks junk email embedded in images has been clogging up inboxes and putting pressure on internet servers. Unless you're very lucky you'll have noticed it. It's the type of spam that arrives disguised as an image file, or a gif. The type of stuff advertised is the same as it's always been - everything from Viagra to stocks, but because the information is contained within an image, the spam is more difficult for internet service providers to filter out by using a key word search. Usually internet service providers do a pretty good job of protecting us. Apparently for every email we receive, eight have already been filtered out by the likes of Xtra, ihug and Maxnet. But in the past few weeks, with around a 30% increase in junk email, they're facing a challenge. Laurna White looks at how the spammers are getting their bulk junk mail through.

For ways to help prevent spam infiltrating your email address click here or for a free anti-spam programme click here

Xtra's tips for dealing with Spam
As well as the work by providers, there are a number of things users can do to lesson the amount of spam they see in their inbox
* First never respond to an offer in spam, or visit a website promoted in spam, this helps spammers earn money.
* Make sure you are careful when giving out your email address especially when filling out online forms
* Be careful about putting your email address on a website or chatroom
* Report spam, this can be easily done in Xtra webmail or be forwarding spam emails to

Other useful sites
Death to Spam (New Zealand)

John Mayer
He's only 29 but already has three studio albums and three Grammies under his belt, and singer songwriter John Mayer shows no signs of slowing down. In the past few years he's collaborated with the likes of Eric Clapton, BB King, Kanye West, the Dixie Chicks and Alicia Keys. With his brand of pop and blues rock and hits such as Your Body is a Wonderland, Why Georgia, and Daughters - he's in New Zealand promoting his new album Continuum and the new hit Waiting On the World to Change. Rawdon Christie talks to John Mayer who then performs live for Close Up.